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Subject Jimmy Saville - The most evil man in Britain never to be charged with a crime?
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Original Message In the UK a TV & Radio Presenter called Jimmy Saville died Oct 29 2011.

During his life Jimmy Saville worked hard for charity raising millions of pounds and created huge awareness for them. He was also made a national treasure by the BBC and fronted many youth and childrens TV programmes.

After his death however allegations began about another side to Jimmy Saville, allegations of Rape, Abuse and other deeds were being reported and a government report was commissioned to discover the truth.

The other day this government report was released.

Jimmy Saville was never charged with a crime, however the report has found that he is responsible for many crimes including;

Over 40 years he;

Raped people aged 5 - 75 in hospitals & Prisions,
Abused 1000`s of people;
Had sex with the dead,
Played with the dead,
Stole the Glass eyes of the dead and made them into rings.
Had access to various locations within hospitals and prisons with his own sets of keys allowing him to come and go to abuse and rape people.
Sometimes his abuse was done in plane sight.

Throughout his reign of terror not once was he charged with a crime, and since his death the BBC have created a fund to compensate his victims financially.

Now I for one have no idea if Jimmy Saville is guily or not, the man is dead and is not here to defend himself. However I find it amazing that he could commit so many crimes for so long and yet never be charged. How could he do so much in the plain site of many people and yet never be charged.

How did he find the time to do so much evil deeds?

Quite frankly I cant believe the man is as guilty as he is being made out to be and there has to be other motives responsible to this and deflecting the heat from something else.
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