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Subject I just got out of jail because i refused to be breathalyzed for walking down the street. Ask me a question.
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Original Message I was walking back from the convenience store with 2 unopened forty oz. beers in a reusable sack last night and I got arrested for refusing a "pbt" it says on the police report. Does anyone know what the fuck a "pbt" is? I am guessing some sort of breathalyzer test. I had been drinking yes, but I have lived in so many states and never had a problem walking home from a bar or convenience store, in my opinion the police were glad you weren't driving and had real shit to do.

Anyhow, the police rolled up and basically said they needed to see ID to check it for warrants? I was like WTF. So basically they snap cuffs on me and take me to jail saying I'm being charged with Public Intoxication. Totally cooked up police report to make a long story short. I pleaded guilty to a $65 fine to get out of jail and they tacked on another $75 on the way out the door when they're giving you your shit back.

Turned my dress shoes into a fucking pancake too with their vacuum sealer. I had to make it to work by 1:00 PM. But my point is what is a 'pbt' and it's pretty fucked up to be arrested for walking home and then have to consent, I guess to some sort of sobriety test right across the street from one's apartment building and in refusing to do so is the "technical" reason for them to arrest that person and take them to jail.

I'm like you know what fuck all the local businesses and the convenience store I'm just not buying shit no more. This cop looked me in the eye and after he cuffed me he poured my unopened forties out. I walked by that spot today and he just left the bottles there. I think he should be charged for littering and destruction of personal property. I mean I had to work and pay money for them and they would technically be a grocery item. I'm just going to hole up and save my money to move. I've never felt not safe walking down the street in any place I've lived and had never been to jail. I don't feel safe to walk down the street and it's because of the police.

I know you have to waive your rights and consent to breathalyzer testing to possess your driver's license... but apparently you have additional things you are obligated to apparently have to consent to to walk down the street and that's the part the really bothers me. I basically told the cop I did not consent to any type of search. He also never read me my Miranda Rights when he said I was under arrest, cuffed me and put me in the back of his all black SUV. I thought they still had to do that. There were four other guys down there for the same thing. If I would have fought the charge they set your court day a month later and try to keep you in jail until then so you have to bail out and run back to court and take off work. I am just fucking pissed off about having to give these fuckers $140. I make $7.25 an hour. That's 20 hours of work, money I now don't have for the bills. I told the cop I'm not doing nothing to nobody. What a bunch of fucking pricks.
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