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Subject Urgent Drop Twitter, Facebook, Google and all other Intel Gathering Websites Set up for or Monitored by NSA
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Original Message Disclaimer: I do not work for the NSA, just putting together this information from News Stories and Public Information Sources.

Urgent Drop Twitter, Facebook, Google and all other Intel Gathering Websites Set up for or Monitored by NSA.

There is a Government Run Data Center In Utah Run by the NSA that links all these Information Sites back to Individual People (YOU).

Every time you look something up, Post a tweet or update or respond to a facebook account this information is collected, linked to you and updated in the Database in your "file".

They know everything about you, your family, your friends.

When the SHTF S*it Hits the Fan, they will know all about you, your plans, resources, skills, travel and remote travel destinations. Even if you did not directly tell them they have record of the Cell towers your phone connected too, and how long you where by the closest tower. With multiple towers they know where you where down to a very small area even if you never made or received a phone call.

They are tracking your license plates and using Face Recognition through Cell Phones.

Shopper Cards / Perk Cards / Credit Debit Cards (They are tracking where you where and What you bought.)

Obvious things to do.
1) Search with Startpage.com (Private Search Engine)
2) Put Cell phone in Metal Box/Safe when Traveling if you want Privacy.
3) Use Cash to Buy Things, Do Not use Store/Perk Cards
4) Use only Private E-mail services and do NOT E-mail anyone with a G-mail account or any other "scanned/stored or read" service.
5) Do not give out your E-mail / Phone # to Stores, if you buy online make sure the information is not Shared with any outside Company or the Government, If you have doubts find someone else to buy from.
6) Do not say anything on a Phone Call that you would NOT Want the Government and the World to know.
7) Youtube is Run by Google and they probably collect info on every video you watch, so Use a Proxy Server to Surf the Internet and download files. (Not for doing Banking or looking at secure Web sites since this would route your data over some remote servers that may not be secure)
Make sure you stop using the Proxy server when doing Personal Business Online. When you use Proxy servers in other countries, and switch them up, it makes it hard for the Government/NSA to know who is looking at what and for how long.
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