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Subject If You Are Sick and Tired of This Insane World and Want Fully Out, Read This:
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Original Message We are all living in a world full of rampant evil and corruption and it seems there are a million reasons for it, but there is actually only one reason. There is only one problem that causes the world to be this way. And that problem is the individual human mind. The human mind is limited and steeped in illusion and people live their lives through these illusions believing them to be real. This is what causes so much unnecessary suffering in the world.

Each person takes in information through the 5 senses. We learn about our world via our senses. As we take in this information we become programmed by the images and ideas that we hold. These ideas and images dictate how we think and how we behave. Our interior world overlaps the true world and as we grow older, we become more bound by these ideas and images. We become like the silkworm caught up in its own web. We become entangled in our limited perspective. We can't live in the moment, but instead live in our personalized mind world. This is hell. And it is false.

Because each person sees from their own limited point in space, they see things from a personalized identity and this is actually false because it is not the full picture of what we truly are. It seems as though there is no way out of this limited perspective. But actually there is. What one truly is is beyond both the limited body and the mind. Only words cannot fully convey what is real, what is Truth. One has to experience it from within for this knowing to arise and dissolve all that is false. One has to experience this knowing directly to remember that they are not the body or the mind. Only it is not a remembering because Truth resides outside of time and space as well. But it is what you are.

Throughout time many religions have stressed the importance of meditation in order for one to see Truth. Why? Because when you sit in meditation, if you do it correctly, your own Awareness acts like a solvent to dissolve the false ideas and images that cover up the Truth. Like clouds cover the sun, the ideas and images you are holding onto to cover over the Truth.

In fact, there is only one Truth. And it is too simple for the mind to understand. The mind craves complexity. The mind will never get Truth. Truth is outside of the mind. Once Truth is known, the mind no longer stands a chance against it. The mind naturally loses its rigidness in the presence of Truth. Once Truth is known, the mind is no longer believed in.

Truth runs like a thread through all religions. Nearly every religion had a Realized person at its inception. The problem with religion is that non-realized beings took the Realized person's words and distorted them because they had no truth in their minds. So out of those distortions came separate religions all attempting to convey the same One Truth. Truth cannot be described in words because Truth lies outside of conceptual knowledge. Words are boxes and Truth cannot be contained. Words can point to Truth, but cannot take one to the full reality of it. Only direct experience can. How can one experience Truth directly so they can be free of their body and mind and live in Truth? Meditation is the way. But it has to be structured in such a way that it actually dissolves the false layers. Truth lies underneath all the layers and they have to be seen through in order to dissolve.

I am writing this because after many years of attempting meditation on my own and with other teachers and only getting small insights that would pop up now and then, I finally ran across an different type of meditation which has had a profound and lasting affect. It is a much more structured, stable and more powerful than anything I came across before. It is called Maum Meditation. Maum has a program which offers a guided sessions. Maum is growing very fast because it is helping many people realize their true nature that lies beyond both the body and the mind. Maum began in S. Korea in 1996 and have grown to over 360 centers worldwide. Here are some testimonials from students of Maum: [link to www.maumusa.org]

When I began Maum, I didn't notice too much at first. But after a while, I noticed that every time I went I felt "cleaner", like my mind had just been cleansed of some of the unnecessary baggage that kept it restlessly moving in every direction always seeking pleasure and attempting to avoid pain.

Within a few months of Maum I noticed that I was calmer and happier and much less stressed than before. I began having insights as to why the world works the way it does. Truth, like a tiny light in the most violent of storms made an appearance beyond my senses. It wasn't something I saw with my eyes or heard with my ears, but it arose from within like it came from deep within Awareness itself. It was a Knowing that welled up naturally as more of the false disappeared with the method Maum has. This seeing or "light" was stronger than anything that I had ever perceived with the senses. It was barely perceptible at first but I knew it was the most important thing I could pay attention to. The more I went to meditation and paid attention to this light, the larger this light grew and more of the false dissolved within my limited mind frame. The more I went, the more I was able to let go of, the more energy I had, the better I slept, the happier I was becoming. My relationships were improving.

I had always had a drinking problem and now I was losing my desire for alcohol. I wasn't trying to quit drinking, I just didn't have the urge to go grab a drink like I had done in the past. I was also having tremendous insight to our true nature which is not limited, but completely free and fluid-like. I was falling into the bliss of this Knowing quite often. It was becoming clear that duality is an illusion and as a result, I was becoming naturally more empathetic towards others. I was letting go of positive and negative and falling into a 4th dimension, where ideas cannot hold. I was beginning to live my life in a much easier, more natural way. Much like the way nature lives in a natural flow. Each time I go to meditation, the mind expands more into the light of Truth and I lose those ideas that have bound me up and kept me unhappy and distressed. I realize that truly there is nothing to worry about. When your mind expands outward to include the big picture which has no frame, you realize that everything that concerned you before was tiny compared to the Truth of your being. There are no words to describe the value of this. And Maum has the method to see it and live within the freedom of this knowing.

Yes the world is corrupt. People are doing insane things. But people only do them because they do not have any Truth in their minds. If people began to meditate and really began to look within and dissolve the false ideas that cause havoc, they would naturally become peaceful and happy and this world would change completely. Each person has to be willing to change themselves. They have to want Truth first. Truth is within every being just waiting to be discovered. It is within you. You are Truth. Truth is simply waiting for you to drop your false ideas and know yourself again. You exist beyond time and space.

What you truly are has no limitations. But words cannot fully convey this meaning. You are beyond every idea that can be thought of. You are completely free. To discover this, you must first see through what is false. What you are is pure light and love. And to know this is to be at peace and to be of great help to others. To know this is the end of all suffering.
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