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Subject How I make Colloidal Silver for personal use
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Original Message Update, "WaterisLife" had a sample of my Nano Silver tested by state Labs!
Page 6.

Colloidal Silver MAY be one of the few things that MIGHT help to keep you from dying of Ebola.......
Is it coincidence the FDA just a couple weeks ago put down the use of CS as Quackery?

My method:

I use an old computer power supply. About 25 volts. You can use one AAA battery all the way up to a car battery. Voltage can be 1.5 up to ???.
Must be a direct current source. batteries are good but can get expensive. The "Wall Warts" or small chargers for cell phones and other electronic devices work great.
You cannot use Alternating Current such as 110V straight out of your wall socket.

The computer power supplies are plentiful and common.

the higher the voltage, the smaller the particles, the resulting surface area exposed is greater, hence greater effectiveness.

I use 999/1000 fine Silver rectangular investment coins.

Edit, my old unit was using 999/1000 'Fine Silver' coins.

They have impurities that are NOT good for you.

Use ONLY 9999/10,000 fine, almost 100% pure silver to avoid Lead, Cadmium, Zinc, Nickel and other contaminants you do not want in your body.

Also, commercial "Distilled" water at sores also has some contaminants.

If you have access it would be better to get 'Pure' Distilled water from a distilling machine.
Store your water in glass to prevent contaminants from the plastics too.

You can also get 999/1000 fine silver wire from jewelers and other sources. You can hang them from wires with small alligator clips, keep the clips OUT of the water. Available at Radio shack or buy some cheapie jumpers from eBay if you cannot solder. About 6" long with an alligator clip on each end.

Do not use quarters, "junk silver" or allow alligator clips or any other metals in the water. This will contaminate the water with undesirable metals.
Use ONLY distilled water if you can get it.
Tap water can be used or well water. Be aware that any particles or contaminants may bond with your silver and create a "Sludge" or solids that are undesirable. You can run this muck through coffee filters to clean it up.
It is harmless but not very cosmetically attractive!
Can also turn your skin grey in larger doses of consumption.

I use a rotary cut wheel, with a drill or dremmel rotary tool. Cut along one edge of the coins, 1/8 from the edge, going down within 1/4 or so from the other end. Bend this finger 180 degrees so it sticks up away from the coin.
I personally use a Foredom Flex shaft tool. I own 2, these are used by most jewelers. I also own numerous Dremmel type tools and drill presses.
You could also use a 'hack saw'.

The reason for this is that the coins are almost impossible to solder to. By cutting a strip, bending it up, you get a small post sticking up that is easily soldered to with a 40 watt soldering iron.

Get a piece of plastic to sit across the top of a glass jar. A quart jar is good. I like the one gallon glass jars because I use distilled water, comes in one gallon jugs.
I use 1/4" plexiglass. A chunk of plastic ruler, wood, whatever, you get the idea.

Drill or melt with solder iron 2-1/8" holes about 1" apart through the plastic. Insert the silver posts through these holes. Solder positive wire from power supply to one, negative to the other. You will notice over time that one electrode will erode faster than the other. I periodically change the wires around, changing the polarity so the other coin will get eroded. This way you do not erode one and the other is relatively intact!

I use "Goo" to hold every thing in place and to keep the wires from getting frayed from not being tied down. Or some more holes and zip tie the wire down. If not held immobile the wires will break off.
I have found over 3 decades that with 25 volts that the plates should be about 3/4" apart for best current and ion generation. Add a sprinkle or as much as 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt to increase conductivity and ion production.

Fill glass jar to 1/4 from the top. Place plastic electrode mount with silver rods into water, resting on glass jar top.
I let mine go for 18-36 hours.

You will get silver large particles even though the water is distilled. I occasionally remove the electrodes and wipe off with dish towel, paper cloth, whatever. Once the water becomes cloudy......almost looks like a jug of urine if I get a good batch. You can carefully remove sludge from top of water with your dishcloth.
Replace electrodes and cook some more!

I use a colander, like you strain water from your noodles with, line bottom with coffee filters and drain the water.

The filters will remove large particulates and allow your ionic or small particles through.

It is ok if you skip this. I like the cleaner stuff. Your skin is less likely to turn grey if you remove the bulk particles.

I think I covered every thing. Mine almost looks like off color honey. Just put up 4 quarts 2 days ago.

In case of illness, you can drink a whole quart a day with no adverse effects. unless you are dying of Ebola and your guts are flowing out your back side I do not think a quart a day is needed!

One quart can be diluted to make 2 gallon of still very strong solution.

Use full strength at 1/4 cup or less per day as preventative. When sick, increase till you feel better!

I am not a Doctor and do not give medical advice. Seek your own remedies and you are responsible for what you do or not do with information like this.

Be aware that the FDA has said that Colloidal Silver is worthless and has no medicinal benefit.

The same FDA that has now approved Aspartame in your Milk without being listed on the label.

Hospitals are using it to disinfect surgical rooms to prevent spread of super bugs that now kill hundreds of thousands infected at Hospitals. These super Bugs are now immune to most of Big pharma's anti-Biotics!!!!!!!!!
They do not want you to know this however.
Loss of $$$$$$$$$$$

Draw your own conclusions.

They are trying to ban CS and Iodine as I type.

I'm sure it is for our own good, or the good of their bank accounts, you decide.

Feel free to ask questions.

I consider my colloidal silver to be worth upwards of $20 per ounce.
One Quart is 32 ounces X $20 per ounce, $500 per quart would be a fair price!!!!!!
$1000 per gallon or much more is a comparable price in high end pharmacies.
$20-30 per ounce I have seen in stores. Not half as strong as mine.
I remember seeing $42 a bottle 13 years ago in a high end Grocery store for 2.5 ounces.
In appearance mine looks like a light Olive oil.

Like Iodine, I have some big 8 fl. Ounce bottles I bought 13 years ago that were about $3-$4.
Now they are $18 and up. Just put 5 drops on each elbow crotch and rub in for prevention of Cesuim 137 radioactive iodine infesting your thyroid. 3" square patch square.
Fukushima, doncha know.

"An Ill Wind Blows"

"Prosperity Makes Sloths, Adversity Builds Men"
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