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Subject The "Kill Switch" is real! US Government are building private networks to communicate through once they flip the switch.
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Original Message This is terrifying:

[link to www.welivesecurity.com]

"mysterious cellphone towers have been found in America which look like ordinary towers, and can only be identified by a heavily customized handset built for Android security but have a much more malicious purpose, according to Popular Science"

MSM don't get it, they think these mysterious towers are for snooping. I believe they are to ensure the government, military and local law enforcement can continue to communicate once they kill communications a.k.a "The Kill Switch". Our phones will say "no service" when this happens, theirs will continue as normal. If this is true then things in the US are worse than I imagined. Once communication is down there can be no resistance. What are people going to do, ride horses around with paper messages? Use walkie talkies and ham radios -sorry such basic communication will be jammed.

Even more frightening is the assumption the usage of the kill switch is imminent. What will facilitate this? Multiple, simultaneous false flag attacks? "ISIS is launching nationwide suitcase nuke attacks, we have no choice but to kill all communications". Notice how they are building ISIS into the next boogey man?

I suspect once communications are killed and national emergency declared the steps will ensue:

1. breaking the will of the people with unbridled fear
2. in the name of the country and state of emergency all bank accounts confiscated by the government
3. next, years of propaganda "we must rebuild, the American people are strong! We will never forget. God Bless America!"

Meanwhile after the "bail in" all the top 1%ers have increased their wealth 100 fold and hold key positions in the new interim government. They'll live in their luxury city similar to the Hunger Games.

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