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Subject A New Ideology Based on Individual Freedom. It's Time to End The Hive Mentality.
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Original Message I was skeptical about writing this, but I feel that it might be worth reading for someone here.

For as long as man has created societies it has been afflicted with a curse. This curse you see is the curse of forced coercion. Whether through the sword or the pen, society has constantly been striving to crush the individual and force him or her to conform to a standard. Indeed our very preconception of society implies a level of homogeneity, but why is this? Does this notion exist because it makes the lives of those who rule easier, or does it exist because society must be relatively homogeneous in order to function? I'll attempt to tackle this answer and give you a idea of my beliefs.

The basic principal of my ideology is that all human beings are sovereign. We are all unique and independent creatures and we must be allowed to make our own choices and express ourselves freely. Sound familiar? It's the basic premise of the bill of the rights. It's not surprising that this notion is absent in many cultures and societies. These cultures at some point were thoroughly dominated by authoritarian rule that it completely erased the idea of personal freedom from their collective psyche. Indeed the idea of individual freedom is pretty recent in the context of human history and was payed for in blood.

Man at his core is a creature of the earth, and whether you believe in creationism or you're an atheist you must realize that man must be allowed to act like a creature of the earth. He must be free to move as he wishes, he must be free to live his own existence, he must be allowed to make his own choices without the threat of violence if he does not conform. This coercion is what is destroying the human experience, this desire for homogeneous behavior is anathema to what we are as independent beings.

After this principal we run into our first problem with our Hive mentality. Generally speaking we only wish individual freedom for ourselves and not others. This phenomenon stems from us wanting to project ourselves and our beliefs into the world around us. Indeed the human experience is biased and hardly impartial, but most don't realize this fact. We need to realize that we are not impartial creatures, this is our nature and that makes our biases not applicable for others who have their own human experience.

Biases however are completely normal and healthy for the human psyche. The problem isn't the bias itself, rather the problem is the desire to project that bias onto the world and others. I'm all for living by your principals and beliefs and expressing them, the problem is when you use laws or weapons to force others to conform to your idea of the human experience by restricting their freedom as sovereign creatures.

Indeed this applies for most things, but there is a limit and this can found in common law. The essence of common law is that you have violated another human beings sovereignty. You have in some way intruded on another human beings life in such a way as to hurt them. This is indeed how we should apply the law, not to bully others but to punish those who violate the golden rule, that we are all sovereign. In common law there must be a victim, victimless crimes are simply a tool of an oppressive state to maintain power. If there is no victim, there can be no crime.

Modern day examples of forced coercion primarily revolve around using laws and legislation and the courts to punish and to force those who hold different believes to conform. These laws are of course backed by the monopoly of force the government has and is little different than personally forcing someone to act and belief like you do while pointing a gun in their face. Understandably this generates resentment and hatred, as it should because no man has the right to force another to be like him. We have lost sight of the fact that we are all sovereign.

Some examples of issues that shouldn't be are abortion and gun control. I have no right to force people not to get abortions. Would I ever want an abortion with my partner? No, but at the same time I realize that I cannot force others to live like me. I will judge and condemn those who do, but I cannot force them either through legislature or by violence into not doing it, for that violates their sovereignty.

The other side of the issue is that those on the left seem to be obsessed with disarming Americans. This is actually one of the more sinister efforts, because its an attempt to disarm the other primary homogeneous group in America. The reason of course is to force right America to live like left America, presumably by force if necessary. All men are sovereign and have the god given right to protect themselves. If you believe in gun control then you are sadly a tyrant who doesn't respect the sovereignty of other human beings. Man cannot be sovereign if he cannot project force or defend himself and will be at the mercy of those who can. Thousands of years have shown that disarmed populations are almost always abused by their rulers and their armed servants. To believe anything else is insanity.

All conflicts stem from societies homogeneous nature. We are taught to hate that which is not homogeneous to us. Indeed when we fight other human beings, we rationalize this by saying they are not like us. That the other group is flawed or different in some negative way that forces us to kill them until they start acting like us or until they are so beaten that they can never force us to act like them. This is the root of all human conflict, this focus that society must be homogeneous. While a king may launch a war for greed because he's a psychopath, the common man will allow it because the other side is not homogeneous to his and poses a threat to his homogeneous culture, beliefs, and world view. This homogeneous behavior is primarily of benefit to rulers and is what enables almost all human conflicts.

We must stop the cycle of trying to force others to live like us. No human being has a right to force others to live like them or to restrict their freedoms, and we must end the Hive cycle and embrace our individuality. We must learn to respect others, even those we wildly disagree with. These disagreements should be embraced, for it signals that while I may disagree with you, I respect your sovereignty enough not to force you to live like me, for that only generates hatred and conflict. No man appreciates being forced to do anything, and that is the nature of man, a free being who hates being told what to do.

To Rehash these ideas:

1. All Humans are Sovereign and inherently free.

2. No man has the right to coerce another man into doing anything he doesn't want to do unless to preserve the sovereignty of others.

3. Man is a creature of the Earth, and to restrict his movements and freedoms and beliefs in any way is wrong.

4. Ethically we cannot force others to live like us because we are all biased.

5. We need to return to common law, specifically there can be no more victimless crimes. Crime should only occur when we violate another human beings sovereignty.

6.Man must be allowed to defend himself for he will lose his sovereignty without this.

7. All conflicts stem from differences in homogeneous groups. We must learn not to hate those who are not homogeneous to us, even if we disagree with them.

8. The notion that we can punish other homogeneous groups through government force must end unless in valid self defense.

9.We must learn to respect others and their differences, even if we wildly disagree with them.
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