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Original Message In his article "WMD FROM IRAQ MATRIX" (see PDF download link below), Roy A. Reinhold in April 2004 writes that DEBAKA wrote before GWII began on March 19, 2003 that USA and Israeli satellites tracked heavily guarded convoys that going from Iraq to Syria during the period from January 10 to March 10, 2003. After convoys entered Syria they were lost from site.

It is suspected that covoys went in the Dayr Az-Zawr desert in Syrian Al Jazirah province on Turkish-Iraqui border, and Beqaa Valley in Lebanon, where entire trailers were buried. Bequaa Valley is the stronghold of Hezballah.
Israeli agents on the ground tried to check this sites but did not have any success.

Considering the sources this informatin could be considered at least biased.

But, in January 2004, Nizar Nojeof, a Syrian journalist who recently defected from Syria to Western Europe and is known for bravery challenging the Syria regime, said in a letter to Duch Newspaper "Di Telegraaf" that the Iraqi WMD were kept in:

1. Tunnels under town of Al-Baida in northern Syria.
2. In the village of Tan Snan, to north of town Salamija where is a large Syrian air force base located.
3. The city of Sjinsjar on Syrian border with Lebanon

According to Najoef, Transfer of WMD was organized by the top commanders of Saddams Special Republican Guard with the help of Assad's cousin, CEO of import export company owned by Assad family. Najoef wrote this saying that he had terminal cancer.

For April 11, 2004 show on History Channel Reinhold was asked to present a Bible Matrix code related to Iraq or Afghanistan/ Osama or other Middle East issues. He chose to do a matrix about WMD, which he presents in his PDF article at:

[link to biblecodes.us]

Results were astonishing. He found an extremly large matrix which described whole history of Iraqi WMD, where they finished and what they will cause.

As I do my own interpretation of such codes, I did not have time jet to study it, but at first glance some interesting elements are obvious. Elements of this matrix are:

1. biological
2. Lebanon
3. The muzzled ones, defeated ones, they fished you, the Iraqi he has struck
4. Thus your chemicals he attacked
5. A weeping over deceit/ fraud, biologicals are the terror of man (the dead)
6. Warfare for mighty gave birth to the shooting of violent person. You cursed her character.
7. To the leg of the triangle with a cave of jugs/ vials, they passed by.
8. Behold a reduction of all mankind and to him. That war that finished them caused you to wander/err.
9. For violence is from the rod with terror of chemical heaven. Wailing of them is the mixture of a measure of the enemy. Strike there is distraction of the brain.
10. Where the heaps of ruin in the Bekah shame at the throat of tyrant?
11. He/ it turned them back from 2003.
12. And he appointed where? For a measure I deduced, give to purify the heart, and against a chemical to you, you uttered words.
13. The casting of/ shooting of a chemical he doubted.
14. I will sustain with speech the fire of the traveler. They subdued/ crushed a chemical offence.
15. A fleet of ships of the coastland astonished nation. And is my container in the heap of ruins? You become afflicted. He stumbled over affliction of a chemical.
16. Bik'ah I will bring over her present/ gift.
17. 2004 is the source/ originator.
18. He was ashamed of 2005.
19. One nation of 2005, who?
20. Sing of 2005, their enemy to multiply.
21. 2005 will vaporize your countryman. He will break in peaces for it.
22. And a source of strength is the battering ram of 2005, woe to your valley.
23. They will sprinkle Lebanon.
24. Lebanon is a sign, (he emptied it)
25. Words of Syria, fear. He mourned her.
26. And it dwelled in a cave. Das it fail says YHVH? For poor man and threshing of people are for a sign to me.
27. He convinced Saddam from building a heap.
28. In one heap of ruins 70 of Damascus we will sly/kill. You made them to dig. You promised/ vowed, "here is my reward".
29. And in their death to refuse to me Damascus, he put it to shame.
30. Sing to them "Thus Damascus he saw them, you will turn aside, undertake a price, he will prevail".
31. A hole/ cave is for you Damascus. He makes a noise of you, the folly in your covenant with the father of the vial/ flask.

To formulate precise meaning of elements of matrix it is important to consider the relative position of its elemnts, which in this stage has not jet been done. Considering this matrix could be read in ths way:

Saddam did not want to use biological weapons so Assad convinced him to burry them in Beqaa Valley in Lebanon under a heap of ruins and this was done before attack on Iraq in 2003. The work was done by 70 Syrian soldiers that were buried with them. The vials with WMD are buried also in cave by which Israeli agents passed by while searching for them.
The position of WMD was ascertained in 2004 by accident, because of local fallout. They were hidden in three locations. US plan was conceived in the same year.

Saddam was found in 2005 in cave and ashamed. His nation was split by invasion forces whose enemies multiplied.

Sharon (violent person) will be killed during the war. This gave a strength to U.S. and they decided to attack WMD site in Bequaa Valley, because of the terror of Syrian rockets that could be armed with biological warheads filled with nerve toxins.

Israeli navy (coastland), supported by U.S. Navy (traveller), attacked WMD sites with cruise misilles and crushed biological attack threat.

But Syria's military, without order from Assad, launched some missiles which sprinkled Lebanon causing deaths. Syria was ashamed of it's covenant with Saddam, full of fear.

This was The Sign. Damascus was razed to the ground in air attack. No nuclear devices were used this time. Whole world mourned Syria.

[link to www.deepspace4.com]
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