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Subject The Angelina cancer SCAM succeeds! "Angelina effect: Jolie mastectomy sparks surge in female cancer tests."
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Original Message The highly publicized double mastectomy last year has yielded positive results for Myriad Genetics, the owner of the BRCA1 mutation patent. The number of women getting tested more than doubling from last year, in what media is calling the "Angelina Effect". It's working, and Myriad is raking. Stock Price before Jolie announcement: $25.... Now? $37

NYTIMES: The Outrageous Cost of a Gene Test

"Unlike routine tests for diabetes or high cholesterol, however, the BRCA gene evaluation — performed by only one company in the United States, Myriad Genetics — is phenomenally expensive, with a “list price” close to $4,000 when a related genomic-rearrangement test is included in the analysis, which oncologists typically recommend."

[link to www.nytimes.com]

Angelina effect: Jolie mastectomy sparks surge in female cancer tests

"Jolie, 39, announced her surgery in May last year, saying she acted after testing positive for a mutation of the BRCA1 gene that significantly increases the risk of breast cancer."

[link to www.financialexpress.com]

The good news is that in 2013, Myriad lost the Supreme Court battle for this specific patent, so the price should fall over time.

Angelina Jolie, corporate patents on genes, and the U.S. Supreme Court

[link to www.naturalnews.com]

Background on the theory:

Angelina Jolie’s announcement and all its carefully-crafted language had four notable immediate impacts:

1) It caused women everywhere to be terrified of breast cancer through the publishing of false statistics that drove fear into the hearts of anyone with breasts. (See below for explanation.)

2) It caused women to rush out and seek BRCA1 gene testing procedures. These tests just happen to be patented by a for-profit corporation called “Myriad Genetics.” Because of this patent, BRCA1 tests can cost $3,000 – $4,000 each. The testing alone is a multi-billion-dollar market, but only if the patent is upheld in an upcoming Supreme Court decision (see below).

3) It caused the stock price of Myriad Genetics (MYGN) to skyrocket to a 52-week high. “Myriad’s stock closed up 3% Tuesday, following the publication of the New York Times op-ed,” wrote Marketwatch.com.

4) It drove public opinion to influence the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court decision to rule in favor of corporate ownership of human genes (see more below).

Women all over the world are being duped into supporting Angeline Jolie, having no idea that what she’s really doing is selling out women to the for-profit cancer industry. But to fully understand what’s happening, you have to dig deeper…

Myriad Genetics sees stock price skyrocket thanks to Jolie, and Obamacare will funnel billions their way
“Salt Lake City-based Myriad Genetics (MYGN) holds the patent on the test that determined the actress had an 87% chance of developing breast cancer, as well as the genes themselves,” wrote MarketWatch.com

Obamacare mandates taxpayers pay for BRCA gene testing: yet another government handout to wealthy corporations

[link to www.astrofreaks.net]

I'm not sure if Obamacare covers it, haven't double checked it yet.
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