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Subject Great Anti-Viral for Upper Respiratory infection/congestion - Pine Branch Tea
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Original Message You can easily make your own - see end of article.


In 1535, a ship carrying a French explorer named Jacques Cartier became ice-bound in Canada. As the crew ran out of food, especially fruits and vegetables, they became ill with scurvy, due to vitamin C deficiency. Once again, the Native Americans saved the day, and showed the sailors how to make nutritious tea from tree bark. The crew members who recovered shared their story, and 400 years later, French researcher Dr. Jacques Masquelier read the account in Cartier’s writings and set on a search for the miraculous tree ingredients. He was able to extract proanthocyanidins from European coastal pine tree bark, and patented the process, naming the compound Pycnogenol.
Physical Performance and Metabolic Recovery

A study published just this week in the Journal of Sports Medicine Fitness looked at the effect of pine bark extract on the performance of normal subjects taking the Army Physical Fitness Test, and also performance of triathletes. Among the results, participants treated with pine bark extract had improved performance and a significant decrease in cramps and post-running pain. On average, the pine-extract subjects completed the 100 minute triathlon 6 minutes faster than the control group, and both the normal subjects and triathletes treated with pine bark extract showed a faster metabolic recovery

Decongestant properties

Pine preparations have long been used as decongestants. In another study out this week, pine bark extract was used to treat allergic asthma, and relieved the symptoms by many mechanisms, including decreasing airway inflammation and decreasing mucus secretion.

Wound Healing

Several applications have been found for pine bark extract in the treatment of wounds. In one study, pine bark oil in ointment form was applied to an incision, and was found to significantly accelerate the wound healing process.

PBE also helps reduce ultraviolet radiation damage to the skin and may protect human facial skin from symptoms of photoaging. In one recent study, university researchers found “Clinically significant improvement in photodamaged skin could be achieved with regular application of pine bark extract.”


Pine extracts are effective against a wide range of bacteria, fungus and virus, including the influenza virus type A, and herpes simplex types 1 and 2. It will kill the causative agents of typhoid, gastroenteritis, rabies, enteric fever, cholera, several forms of meningitis, whooping cough, gonorrhea and several types of dysentery. It is very smart to add a few drops of pine oil to your cleaning products to safely disinfect your home.
A few drops can also be added to your pet’s shampoo as a natural flea deterrent. By the way, Pine Sol no longer contains pine. Just so you know.

Muscle Rub/Arthritis

Besides preventing post-exercise cramping, pine oil can be used as a muscle and joint rub to ease pain and stiffness.
Nutritional Content Pine needles provide a good amount of vitamin A and about 5 times as much vitamin C as found in lemons. A cup of pine needle tea can help with colds and flu. Steep a handful of washed pine needles in hot water. For a stronger tea, break the needles first.
Pine Bark Extract

Pine Branch Tea

To make Pine Branch Tea, Break of a small twig from the end of a branch with needles on it. Put the whole branch, about 4 or 5 inches long in a pot of water and bring to boiling. Let boil one minute, then cover pot and let it steep about 10 min. Pour into a cup, and any sweetener you like.

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