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Subject The road to hell
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Original Message [link to www.fbi.gov]

the road to hell is paved with bricks.these bricks have "what about the children" stamped on them.

history is wrote by the victors.

if your paranoid of the feds then dont click on link.

this article is a way to justify stingray surveilence without mentioning it.
this is a letter from the fbi head dick in charge.
he tries to justify the new police state by using the old what about the children scenario.
he doesnt seem to understand my right to privacy supercedes his authority.
this is a good example of the typical pig mindset.
his own feelings of guilt is why he wrote this letter.to justify to himself ,why he has betrayed his fellow americans.

i also believe its partly propaganda to convince the fbi minions that its ok to sacrifice anybodies liberties for the sake of children.
by this reasoning,if we take it to its final conclusion,the fbi will no longer be relavent as we will no longer have any rights at all.for im a living example of what stingray and surveillence cameras can be used for.two tickets in one month in the back country.
i beat both by bringing this issue up.

we are no longer free when big brother is always watching.
we are then sheep for the slaughter.
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