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Subject Let this be ABSOLUTELY CLEAR. The Tribulation has not yet started and things will progress to get worse, as in the days of Noah, until it starts
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Original Message The Bible clearly tells us when the TRIBULATION will start.
It will start when the Lord, Jesus Christ who is currently in heaving, will open the first of the 7 seals.

THIS is when the TRIBULATION will start.

On earth this same timing is when the 7 year peace agreement of Israel with many nations will also start and will mark the beginning of the TRIBULATION period.

This event will also REVEAL the identity of the Anti-Christ who will be there to CONFIRM (not create) the 7 year peace treaty.

So NO, we are not currently in the TRIBULATION, no part of it at all.

You do not see the horrible things written during the first 6 seals happening right now.

What you see now is only the BIRTHPANGS, meaning it does not even COMPARE to the REAL HORROR that is coming, once the TRIBULATION begins.

All things right now will progress as it has been always, just like in the Days of Noah, UNTIL the TRIBULATION begins. Things will get more worse in EVERY aspect until the final DAY begins.

Jesus Christ said that the DAY would come while people were living like they were during the DAYS OF NOAH's time, eating, drinking and giving in marriage.

That is STILL happening, despite all these "scares", for the most part the world is functioning just like it has been for quite some time.

But this will end very soon.

You must understand, READER, that what you are hearing or fearing NOW is NOTHING compared to the HORROR that is actually coming.


These are 2 DISTINCT periods of time.

So please do not worry that you are currently in the TRIBULATION.

What you DO need to worry about is whether you have asked Jesus Christ for forgiveness of your sins and have made preparation for your SOUL to be purified before God and have the forgiveness that is ONLY through Jesus Christ for your sins.

You need to do this TODAY.
The RAPTURE IS literally at any moment now.
And the End of this Age will come at ANY DAY NOW, like a thief in the night.

In Jesus Christ!
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