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Subject The Renminbi Hub: Very big news on the banking front! Chinese Banks Acquire Stakes in US and Canadian Banks
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Original Message “The Renminbi Hub”: Chinese Banks Acquire Stakes in US and Canadian Banks. Is There a Hidden Agenda?

By Bill Holter

A yuan banknote is displayed next to a U.S. dollar banknote for the photographer at a money changer inside the Taoyuan International Airport, Taiwan

Very big news on the banking front, the Federal Reserve is now apparently allowing Chinese banks to take stakes in U.S. banks. North of our border, Canada is contemplating becoming one of the many, recent, “renminbi hubs”.

Why would this be happening? Why would it be happening now?

First, why is China setting up shop all over the world?

This is an easy one, for business, for trade, for relations. China knows exactly where the U.S. and the dollar stand, they also know fairly well where and how the U.S. and her dollar will fall. China is merely preparing the groundwork to trade with Western entities in either local currency or the yuan. In the case of Canada, China sees a very large energy source along with the mining of many necessary resources they will need in the future.

The thing is, China doing a deal with Canada like this hits very close to home. Actually, Canada doing a deal like this is almost a slap in the face of the U.S.. Don’t get me wrong, Canada doing a deal with China is good for Canada for all of the right reasons but this is certainly an action of distancing themselves from the U.S.. Should the monetary hub deal be consummated, trade will be facilitated in a win/win fashion for both Canada and China. I believe this can be viewed as another straw on the U.S. camel’s back and a preparation by Canada for what is about to come. You must look beneath the surface here, not only will their trade volumes increase, they will actually get paid in a currency issued by an industrial powerhouse where there is no question as to whether or not there is any gold in the vault. If this deal goes to fruition, it will be clear proof that Canada is attempting to break the leash and no longer being a U.S. lap dog.

As for China’s banks now being allowed to purchase stakes in U.S. banks, this is VERY interesting from both sides of the coin. Why would China want to do this and why would the U.S. allow it? The other and even bigger question is “why now”? Why not five or 10 years ago? Why not in a “few years”? I have my opinions on this which is all they are, opinions and not fact but this is a topic that needs to be thought about because it is very curious indeed!

Why would China want to do this if she thinks the U.S. is a bankrupt entity which she surely must? Could this only be a “toe hold” or an avenue to picking up the pieces later and profiting while doing so? Yes, probably. Is this a way to be able to look inside our banks to see how bad it really is? Again, probably. Remember, with any “percentage” stake comes the ability to be represented on the board of directors. Is this a way to put a “spy” on the inside, in plain sight and legally? I think yes. Also remember, the way to “control” the masses throughout time has been to control the currency and the banks. Owning large swaths of the U.S. banking industry in the future can only lead to knowledge, eventual profits and at least some control on our home turf.

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