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Subject Principles for a Healthy Life
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Original Message I found this link a few days ago, I thought it had some very good points on how to live a healthy, productive life. It's time for us, especially me, to strengthen our will~power and self~control. It is not easy, it takes practice. Something as trivial as stopping the thoughts that run through our mind daily can be difficult, and don't get me started on negative 'thought~loops'...lol...Personally, I struggle with procrastination, not wanting to take action immediately. I tend to self~justify 'why' I can't do *it* right now (I'm the worst with meditation). So I'm always looking for a small 'checklist' I can ask myself to see if I'm on the right track and this one fit the bill. Hope this helps someone as much as it did me.

LINK: [link to en.m.wikisource.org]

Author: Norman Peel


Mr. Peel has also suggested following practical tips, which are very effective in improvement of talents for a progressive life:

(i) One should throw away the negative thoughts of pessimism and lack of confidence in the success of the work at hand.

(ii) One should cultivate the habit of self-analysis to know his qualities and potentials and also practice autosuggestion to strengthen the positive aspects.

(iii) Thinking should not remain confined to selfish affairs; one should also plan for otherís welfare and attempt materialization of the same.

(iv) God-gifted willpower and inner strength should be used creatively and cautiously to avoid the wastage and misuse of the mental and physical potentials and talents.

(v) Daily routine should be well planned - keeping in mind that every step in life should lead towards higher goals.

(vi) The energy and activities of mind should be oriented in a positive direction by creative thinking and adept learning.

(vii) One should practise linking the self with divinity every day and night - by way of prayers, meditation etc, as an integral part of life.

This cultivates inner strength and virtues to enable one to overcome all difficulties and adversities and even do what would appear impossible to many others in general.
Sincere adoption of above mentioned habits and suggestions protects waning and decay of inherited talents and transmutes oneís mental potentials to reach high realms of progressive life.
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