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Subject the white sun, venus and mars
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Original Message in 2010 the sun changed from gold to white
the ozone hole was first reported just after Chernobyl
in 1986

rabbinical lore and prophecy [time warp lies]
say the white sun [what spiritualists call EAISING THE FREQUENCY] will kill most life on earth

nasa [a Satanist group connected to wholy Crowley]
says earth is losing its magnetosphere

earth losing its protective layer
will cause it to dry up like mars

life as it was known would go underground
supported by tech for a limited time

species are going extinct
at the rate of
Scientists estimate we're now losing species at 1,000 to 10,000 times the background rate, with literally dozens going extinct every day

in 2010 nasa showed the sun birth 2 new planets
[search youtubes]

chemtrails attempted to cover up the sun changes by spraying aluminum in the atmosphere to reflect the increase in radiation

this could not last forever

the white sun has killed some ppl I knew
and underground cities were built 4000 yrs ago in peru
where legends persist about scorching heat

Sirius means scorcher
the one that kills by fire

Nazis referred to the black sun as the swastika
however despite this swastika antigravity technology
the white sun is the killer

the hopi Aztecs and native tribes have legends about a new age
with a new sun
[some say 5th some 6th]

a formula devised by 7he4uthor
shows why an earth that is moving away from the sun would heat up

seems opposite

but as earth moves farther from the sun
and loses its magnetosphere
the color of the sun would change
and though temperatures would remain near normal
the radiation increase would kill off at life above ground
as it seems occurred on mars

there's only one life
one body [eternal if cared for]
don't let liars deceive you
the return of Christ takes place in heaven not on earth
''he shall not touch the ground''
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