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Subject Who is “Man Haron Monis” = “Man is Light Bringer of Monism” = Sabbatean Gnostic illuminati Terrorist
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Original Message

Edifying Others explains the Illuminati telegraphing the purpose of their mind control slave terrorist.

They also call their endless genealogies “monism” the Perennial Philosophy of Natural Philosophy. Aka “Gnosticism”.

“Haron” is of Jewish origins.
Hebrew name derived from the Hebrew Aaron.
See entry Aaron.
[link to biblenamesandmeaning.com]

Aaron = Haron

The Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon for Aaron is
Strongs # H175
BDB Definition:
Aaron = “light bringer”

Another level of polluted masonic name symbolism of this Sabbatean Terrorist adding “Haron” to his name meaning is “Man is Light Bringer of Monism.”

In other words, Man brings Lucifer’s Gnostic light of Monism Natural Philosophy. Aka Biblical Antichrist spirit of Anitchrist

The Terrorist Man Haron Monis is half Jewish/Persian Sabbatean. This whole event was a staged illuminati Jesuit Sabbatean false flag event as we predicted through our reporting.

They went “live” with the false flag script at 2 am in the morning while everyone was sleeping in Australia. To mind control the propaganda in their morning and slip the mind controlled “Monis Man” out the back door. While they shot in the air with special effects flash bangs…

Reports from the controlled media are they killed the duped mind control pawn slave of the Sabbatean illuminati. As it is possible that the illuminati gang pawns are expendable “Man” slaves for the hierarchy.

We’ll see if anyone really did get injured. Remember the hierarchy does kill people in collateral damage too. Like the 911 fraud event itself.

Man Haron Monis was a classic programmed multiple mind control slave. He claimed he was tortured while in prison… He dressed in chains admitting he was a mind control slave of the illuminati.
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