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Subject "Founder of Analytical Psychology," Carl Jung Called "Disturbed" Due to His "Red Book!" Video
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Original Message wow

WELCOME to any of Bridge of Sighs/Nemesis8 followers
from his thread! Always great to see GLP Members working
in "synch!" Be sure to check out his thread at link below:
Thread: Thought I'd something more to say...
Bridge's thread has gained more than 78,000 views to date,
so lots of interest in this topic!

Just a thought:
What if people KNEW that Dr. Carl Jung had a keen
interest in all things "catastrophic-geology-related"
(thanks to his friend and "secret mentor" Immanuel
Velikovsky? Knowing this TODAY may give more traction
to this new science discipline to learn about our
"forbidden past!" Hope my thread, below, helps that

(and especially to Ben Davidson/SuspiciousObservers and
his good friend who has passed Michael Steinbacher a great guy!)

EDITED: 5-25-2019 2 New important threads for you:
Some very interesting NEW INFORMATION about the "secret
friendship" between Dr. Carl Jung and "rogue scientist/
psychiatrist" Immanuel Velikovsky--and WHAT JUNG WAS TOLD
A "soft-disclosure" by Douglas Vogt on GLP by "Adragon"
with a featured video TELLS the rest of the story we never
knew about "disturbing information" Jung would have received
from Velikovsky's research which EXPLAINS JUNG'S PAINTINGS!
This is my new thread--lets look with FRESH EYES at
Dr. Carl Jung's "The Red Book" paintings and SEE the real
"context" in which he would have created "disturbing images."
Thread: Update Pg.1: Dr. Carl Jung's "Catastrophe-Art" Meets Velikovsky, Vogt, Davidson and the Solar Micro-Nova--Did Jung KNOW?
Thread: Greatest Secret of the United States, Causes of the Ice Age and Nova,
[link to youtu.be (secure)]
"Soft-disclosure on the Solar Micro-Nova"
from Dr. Douglas Vogt from GLP's Adragon.
Velikovsky knew about this info just now reaching
the public 60 years later!

EDITED: 12-01-2015

Here is something to read on a "cold winter's day!"



"Hey! Did you feel THAT...Was that an earthquake?
Was it the winds from the next Winter Mega-storm?..."

ANSWER: "Oh THAT? No...that was the sound of people's
jaws dropping when they realize that Carl Jung and
Immanuel Velikovsky were not only friends
, but that
they embraced fully "catastrophic geology" just as that
presented THIS MONTH in Graham Hancock's book: "Magicians
of the Gods!"

Please watch at least 1/2 of this excellent video
(1970's BBC Documentary on Immanuel Velikovsky's theories.)
Without the "basic knowledge" of who Velikovsky was, and
what his "catastrophic geology theory" involves, you will
probably NOT understand Carl Jung's "Red Book!"

[link to youtu.be (secure)]
This 1972 BBC documentary on the theories of
Emmanuel Velikovsky is a little "dated" but well
worth watching JUST FOR THE 3 MINUTES that the
brilliant man speaks (fast-forward to the 3:00 min
mark thru the 5:30 min mark to hear Velikovksy's
personal "take" on current mind-sets of mainstream
science. IMHO NOTHING has changed since he made these
comments in 1972...and in fact, the disinformation
and "hype" has only gotten worse!


I watched the video above...and this Jung painting
of "the Christmas DRAGON" is much more clear, now!

[link to youtu.be (secure)]
12-2018 "Soft-disclosure on the Solar Micro-Nova"
from Dr. Douglas Vogt from GLP's Adragon.

This image from Carl Jung's own paintings in the
"Red Book" could have been inserted into BOTH VIDEOS
(see videos above) as an illustration of a "coming
1-2-PUNCH affecting planet Earth with a Galactic Super
Wave and its TRIGGERING a Solar Micro-Nova Event. It's my
theory that many of Carl Jung's paintings were his private attempts
to integrate information coming his way from his
secret friend and mentor, Emmanuel Velikovksy.

Jung's notations in his heir's compilation of his artwork
and personal memoirs in "The Red Book"--showing his amazing
60-year long anticipation of comets, climate disasters
and a repeat of the "Vela Supernova of 9,500 b.c." (after
the year 2000 A.D.) were the basis for his creating a
"German mythology codex" of SECRET paintings and stories

written in beautiful calligraphy in his own hand.*


Here is a video "tour" of more of his paintings from Carl
Jungs "Red Book."

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]
FairUSE (For education/discussion, Thank you!)
This is a long video that shows many of the pictures of
which I find to be very soothing...but some of you may
not. You can turn the volume off, tho and watch the pictures
come up. He's doing this because he is FILMING IN A



(with articles in "The New York Times Magazine" and "Psychology Today Magazine")--will Big Pharma win
it's CURRENT BID for the "chemical straight-jacket"
to replace traditional (and more effective) practice
of "Analytical Psychology" based on the groundbreaking
work by Carl Jung? This thread is an ANSWER to their
rediculous attacks on Carl Jung and his mental state.

Let's look at the "smear-campaign" that was recently waged against the
reputation of one of the greatest minds of the twentieth century
--Carl Jung. My "take" on the REASON for this "attack" is what
we are currently seeing as "Big Pharma's" bid to make all emotional
illness candidates for "chemical straight-jackets" rather than the
traditional one-on-one "talking cure" by Analytic Psychology--which
is far more effective than drugging individuals has shown to be a
"cure" not just a sedative/band-aide! There are BILLIONS of dollars
at stake here--and the pressure on traditional psychiatry and
psychology is exploding. From Big Pharma's perspective it is and well
worth the "launch of a psy-ops attack" on this wonderful branch
of our medical community and its founder, Carl Jung, as the scientist.

First we'll look at the remarkable effort to "discredit" both Jung and his budding
"Analytical Psychology" and then we'll look at some little known facts about Jung's
association with Immanuel Velikovsky and what was behind Jung's possible "Cassandra Complex"
(a term for the disorder which Jung himself coined for Analytic Psychology
...ending up having it himself!)

One excellent example of a "Cassandra Complex" would be an incorrect diagnosis by the
psychiatrist playing opposite Bruce Willis's time-traveling character called "12 Monkies."
Willis, in his attempt change history by coming back in time ends up the patient of
an unbelieving doctor who eventually "catches" the Cassandra Complex herself.
In the "smear campaign" against Carl Jung, it is LACK OF THE "VELIKOVSKY CONTEXT" which
Jung has that they are not taking into consideration in their articles.

According to this "New York Times Magazine" article titled:
"The Holy Grail of the Unconscious" the author
of the Times analyzes Carl Jung's very unusual (posthumous) published work by Jung's heirs: "The Red Book," to find that what he believes is the "smoking-gun" to Jung's being "mad!" This book indicates (to the NY Times author, at least) that Carl Jung may have been "deeply disturbed"--even suffering from a nervous breakdown--and (using the vehicle of this 200 page tome) "attempted to work out his DEMONS." Was "The Red Book" aimed to exorcise demons--or is it a well-hidden "visual and intuitive" message from Jung to his followers of "catastrophic earth-changes" he learned at the knee of Immanuel Velikovsky?

Here is an excerpt:

"...This is a story about a nearly 100-year-old book, bound in red leather, which has spent the last quarter century secreted away in a bank vault in Switzerland. The book is big and heavy and its spine is etched with gold letters that say Liber Novus, which is Latin for New Book. Its pages are made from thick cream-colored parchment and filled with paintings of otherworldly creatures and handwritten dialogues with gods and devils. If you didn’t know the book’s vintage, you might confuse it for a lost medieval tome."
End quote


NY Times author is saying in short form: "Jung was a NUT case who wrote a fancy art-book!" (I don't agree!)

"The Red Book" had been hidden in a Switzerland vault for over 80 years only published after Jung's death (as per his own instructions.) The magazine articles describe Jung's disturbing book as reading more like a mythological Greek play than a book written by a clinical psychologist. Jung's own hand-drawn illustrations look to be from someone under the influence of LSD or on Mesq...but of course, this is not the case. The articles are both very good, if not short-sighted in its interpretations due to a lack of CONTEXT, however.
[link to www.nytimes.com]


This second article from "Psychology Today" follows suit saying:
"...The recently published and impressive-looking Red Book (2009) tells the personal story of psychiatrist C.G. Jung's insidious descent into what many believe to have been madness, and his eventual triumphant return to the world a transformed man."

[link to www.psychologytoday.com]
Here is another excerpt:

"......["The Red Book" is]...An inner dialogue with himself, with his unconscious, his complexes, his "demons," his soul, those personal and archetypal aspects of his personality that had been neglected, denied or underdeveloped, and with what he calls the "spirit of the depths."

Each of these repressed elements of his psyche manifest in dreams and waking visions as vivid images, many of which Jung--who had studied art and painting as a young man--depicts vibrantly in his journal, leading eventually to the technique of encouraging his patients in analysis to
draw or paint images from their own dreams. Jung's therapeutic technique of active imagination stems directly from these sometimes frightening but edifiying and enlightening conversations with himself."
End quote


Father of modern "Jungian Psychology" Carl Jung is shown here with one of his favorite Tibetan Mandallas. Jung had a preoccupation during his life with both Tibetan and Egyptian symbolism and mythology...and in particular, a strange sub-conscious relationship with the scarab beetle (Symbol for Egyptian Goddess "Khepra") that would truly haunt him for his entire lifetime.

So...was Carl Jung "mentally ill during his career,"
as the magazine articles try to suggest? Did he have at least one psychotic breakdown in his lifetime? All they would have needed to squelch the debate is the realization
that there is a LINK between this Jung-painting and the "Argha Noa" artifact below it--the "poster-child symbol"
of Ancient Egypt and Sumeria for the Great Flood of 9,500 b.c. Check it out!


First, Jung was suggesting the torment of a Universal "collective trauma" which ALL humans carry from birth--as
well as actual clinical notes from unusual patient files he was bound under doctor-patient confidentiality to not make public. With his death and the passing of some 80 years after Jung began to pen the book it can be assumed that everyone who could be embarrassed or damaged (including Jung, himself) was long dead and buried.

The Visionary "Father of Psychology," Carl Jung may NOT have been "disturbed" at all like the "Psychology Today" and "Time Magazine" articles proposed...but rather--in my own observation from "a Jungean insider's CONTEXT"--realized he was NOT "mad" but Jung may have been suffering from a classic psychological complex revolving around both
shocking information he could not reveal to another human being PLUS paradigm-changing experiences from certain client sessions. Irony of ironies Jung is credited with discovering the condition with which he himself suffered: "the Cassandra Complex."

"The Big Dream" from Classic Jungian Psychology:

To clarify why I even composed this thread (it is definitely "hitting a few nerves" on GLP today as I'm
first posting it...I'll explain what happened this week.)
The whole thing is about "synchronicity"--Jung's most
famous idea--and ironically, that I was working on a GLP thread on Egyptian/Sumerian symbolism for another book topic. (Carl Jung never even came up in these threads, by the way!) I've been concerned about Comet Lovejoy Q2's appearance this Christmas and have been having a "hinky" that there is something important about Lovejoy that nobody is talking about. Part of this has to do with my own
"Cassandra Complex" and not being able to convince a
single family member that "Earth Changes" are underway
and to LEAVE the big cities and U.S. coastlines.

If "The Cassandra Complex" doesn't sound familiar, don't get a dictionary...You already know what it is, you just don't know the formal name for it. It has come up in the theme of at least a dozen well-known movies in the past 20 years.


Easiest way to explain a "Cassandra Complex" is the part Dennis Quaid plays in "The Day After Tomorrow." His efforts to convince government officials and the President of the U.S. of what he "sees coming" falls on deaf ears and even brings ridicule. Like Jung would find in real life, Quaid's character wants to warn humanity against the coming climate disaster but at the same time realizes that to do so will brand him as a "rogue scientist" which could destroy his credibility and his career. (This was also true of another of my favorite "Cassandra" cases, Immanuel Velikovsky.)

[link to www.youtube.com (secure)]
"The Day After Tomorrow" movie was taken from the book by the same name written by Art Bell and Whitley Streiber.


Part TWO of this thread will be up later tonight or tomorrow
for New Year's Day. If you're hung-over, enjoy reading it
while you recover! lol!

Other GLP threads on Jung's "The Red Book"

Jung's QUOTES:
From April 2014:
Thread: C. G. Jung - The Red Book, dream 100 year anniversary approaches
(These do NOT contain the info I am presenting in my thread!)
1914, in the month of June, a "Cold" had fallen from space . . .everything frozen.

February 2014
Thread: Was C. G. Jung, insane? "The RED BOOK" a trip into his unconsciousness!

Under 'The Way of What is to Come, Soul and God'

October 2011 (by "Queen Bea)
Thread: CG Jung & The Red Book

Hope you enjoyed the thread--be sure to check
Part 2 of the thread as well!
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