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Original Message This is a new thread because the old one got messy.

i will be using the following figures:

I will be taking Kuala Lumpur as 14900 BTO

I will be using the distance of 13.5 miles per 1000 ping difference in BTO, because:

The highest reading we have for a ping is 51700

and the furthest away radar data we have is: 02:35:54 MAS OPS Centre informed KL-ATCC MH370 in normal condition based on signal download giving coordinate N14.90000 E109 15 00 at time 1833 UTC.

Marked on this map with a white circle on the east coast of Vietnam before hainan:

[link to www.google.co.uk (secure)]

[link to www.google.co.uk (secure)]

This is a horizontal distance of 781.9 km which is 485.85 miles

[link to www.google.co.uk (secure)]

I will call this 500 miles because this map is approximate and it makes maths easier and we can give or take a mile or two (we would get a 13.2 mile ping distance per thousand using this figure)

[link to i.imgur.com]

[link to imgur.com]

The difference in pings between KL which i said i was calling 14900 BT0 and the BTO at this point 51700 is 36800

so this is 36.8 thousands

So we divide the distance 500 miles by the BTO ping difference - 500/36.8 = 13.586

The most westerly ping was 11500

So KL at 14900 - 11500 = 3400 which is 3.4 thousands

3.4 x 13.5 = 45.9 miles which I am calling 46 miles and which is about 74 kilometres

[link to www.convertunits.com]

So the plane/s did not go further west than 46 miles or 74 km

[link to i.imgur.com]

[link to i.imgur.com]

The plane/s did not exceed this westerly distance - hence did not enter Malacca Strait.

This is using BTO for R-Channel

I think that R-Channel registers when a plane has contact with ATC such as MAS OPS for example.

Therefore R-Channel can be communication between MAS OPS or KL RADAR or KL GROUND PENANG RADAR or other airport RADAR etc. This is communication with someone and the plane.

These details are consistent with the 49660 ping off Vietnam south coast as per flight radar data and all of this allows for a passenger jet to be able to fly there reasonably within the given time frames.

Details follow.

Pictures (click to insert)
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