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Subject Is Iraq a Success?
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Original Message Is Iraq a quagmire, an utter failure due to incompetence and mismanagement?

Or is it turning out more or less as planned?

The US overthrew the elected leader of Iran in 1953 (?) and installed a dictator (the Shah) and trained his secret police force. They maintained control for 25 years or so, then the whole thing fell apart and it has been outside the Empire ever since.

Have they, perhaps, reconsidered the dictator/rigid control model?

Let's look at Iraq. We did NOT install a dictator this time. We wrote them a business-friendly constitution and let them elect a "normal" government of sorts.

We vetted the security forces against Ba'athists (who were also the experienced people).

There is some evidence that we (and the UK) performed some false flag attacks to get things stirred up.

We've built several major military bases.

Suppose the idea is not to maintain rigid control, but to create so much chaos that no indiginous power can arise with enough strength/support to resist us. Or even operate a hospital.

In the meantime, the oil & gas are safe in the ground and not being sold to China. Eventually, we can deploy enough forces to provide adequate operational security.

In the meantime, we have unrestricted use of their airspace, military bases, and the ability to operate our forces at will.

In Lebanon, we saw Israel decimate the civilian infrastructure.

Is this the face of the "New Middle East?" One where there is very weak central authority, chaos and disorder, and no power to speak of except the US military?
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