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Subject The Hybrid Theory, Autism and Human Disconnect...
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Original Message One of the most prevalent theories about alien interference with humanity is that they are using us for some kind of breeding/hybridization program. Abductees constantly report having their reproductive organs messed with, females even often report missing pregnancies, where embryos and fetuses simply disappear from the womb - or pregnancies that seemingly appear out of nowhere.

This has been going on for at least decades - possibly much longer, considering the origins of Christianity and other ancient belief systems.

Now, we've all heard the stories about human infants and children needing love and attention from human parents or caregivers to thrive or even survive. You know, the stories about orphan infants failing to thrive or even dying when all of their physical needs are met but they are never held/cuddled/loved on

We also are all aware of the recent huge spike in autism cases. Some believe that this condition is triggered by vaccines - and it may very well be- or it could be that it simply becomes apparent/is genetically triggered at a certain age, between 2-3 years old - a point where most parents of autistic kids notice the profound personalty change and also a point when kids are getting a ton of vaccines - actually for most kids this is their last full set (Utah had a huge media blitz one year - "Immunize by 2, it's up to you!) - aside from the routine boosters.

Additionally, most abductees report that the aliens/Greys are not inherently harmful or cruel, but rather they are indifferent and seem to lack basic human emotional capacity.

Now, what are the symptoms of Aspergers/Autism?

"The severity of symptoms varies greatly, but all people with autism have some core symptoms in the areas of:

Social interactions and relationships. Symptoms may include:
Significant problems developing nonverbal communication skills, such as eye-to-eye gazing, facial expressions, and body posture.
Failure to establish friendships with children the same age.
Lack of interest in sharing enjoyment, interests, or achievements with other people.
Lack of empathy. People with autism may have difficulty understanding another person's feelings, such as pain or sorrow."

[link to www.webmd.com]

People diagnosed with autism also seem to often profoundly lack the ability to communicate verbally, yet they are often very astute and intuitive when they do speak, as if their 'disorder' heightens the other senses - many people who consider themselves empaths or sensitives fall into the aspergers end of the spectrum.

Greys/aliens are almost always described as communicating non-verbally.

So my question is "Could this huge uptick in autism be directly related to hybridization?"

Even if the symptoms are triggered by shots, who can say if that's not by design? These children are going to need enough desire for human contact to be nursed/cared for in their infancy - they can become more averse to the direct interaction with fewer developmental impacts when they are eating solid foods and mobile.

Because if a concerted group of ET's/non-humans are directly meddling with humanity, they are doing so with the blessing/knowledge of TPTB - and who knows WTF is REALLY in vaccines.
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