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Subject This is why Russia isn't doing the wrong thing in Ukraine
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Original Message British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond accused Mr Putin of “acting like some mid-20th century tyrant."

"Don’t make it sound like that is an outrageous thing for us to demand,” Mr Hammond said. “This man has sent troops across an international border and occupied another country’s territory acting like some mid-20th century tyrant (referring to Russia's actions in Ukraine, and how any peace agreements will involve Russia leaving Crimea.)

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

From Wiki:

"Ukraine became gripped by unrest when President Viktor Yanukovych refused to sign an association agreement with the European Union on 21 November 2013.[65] An organized political movement known as 'Euromaidan' demanded closer ties with the European Union, and the ousting of Yanukovych.[66] This movement was ultimately successful, culminating in the February 2014 revolution, which removed Yanukovych and his government.[67] However, some people in largely Russophone eastern and southern Ukraine, the traditional bases of support for Yanukovych and his Party of the Regions, did not approve of the revolution, and began to protest in favour of closer ties with Russia. Various demonstrations were held in Crimea in favour of leaving Ukraine and accession to the Russian Federation, leading to the 2014 Crimean crisis."

There was an uprising in Ukraine after the previous president refused to sign an agreement with the EU. The citizens of Kiev rose up and overthrew the government. Some of the protests turned violent when both protesters and police started getting killed in the streets.

Crimea and Eastern Ukraine have a high population of people who identify themselves as being Russian--they live in Crimea / Ukraine, but their blood is Russian. When the bullets started flying and it appeared this revolution was going violent and it may potentially affect innocent citizens, Russia held a vote and democratically decided to put military in Crimea TO SECURE IT, not to conquer it.

The citizens of Crimea voted to keep them there.

Some people are accusing the US, the CIA and other foreign groups as being the instigators in Ukraine. For some reason we want to fight against Russia.

Now, we are calling Putin "Hitler" for doing something that any leader who cares about his citizens would do.

The US is halfway around the world telling other nuclear armed countries to fall in line, and they're not doing it because we're the instigators.

Our country will continue to get away with this until we stop them.

Not trying to sound paranoid, because I don't fear this scenario, but there are talks happening between Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France. The leaders of these countries have already acknowledged that if they can't make an agreement, "the alternative is war."

"If we don't manage to find not just a compromise but a lasting peace agreement, we know perfectly well what the scenario will be. It has a name, it's called war.""
French President Holland

[link to www.newstalk.com]

If our government is responsible for this, we are in effect allowing it to happen. Technically (legally,) we are the government. The government is supposed to be made up by the people, for the people. No one I talk to in person supports the actions our country seems to be taking.

We are the ones who have to fight and die in these wars, shouldn't we have a say in them?
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