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Subject I've noticed that every hot gal I come across around my city is with a guy who is ugly as sin
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Original Message Seriously, these guys are ugly as sin and looks like they just been in jail for years. I'm talking about looking like half human / half hyena ugly here.

That's when it dawned on me -- these gals are with these fellas because they are gangsters who have lots of popularity (and money).

They like to ride on their coattails because everyone who respects the gangster respects his moll, too. This makes them feel special and like princesses - when they're being driven around in his top of the range Merc and being taken to parties where they can be the envy of all other wannabe molls.

The sad thing is (and I aint bullshitting when I say this) - I was yet to find at least one pretty gal with a guy who could even be considered good looking or like he had any morals about him.

Maybe it's just the city I live in, but fuck me... I hope this isn't a pandemic because if it is, then I'm fucked because I'm just a quiet guy who dissociates from all types of scumbags.

Now if the consensus is, most women are just hoes who use these coyote ugly motherfuckers for money and popularity, then I don't want to be going near such low class shit (even if she does look that good).

I always wondered why it was hard for me to get a gal from around here. It's not that I'm an ugly dude (I'm good looking and in good shape); it's all down to having no popularity and blood money.

I read a quote from some Satanist - I think it was John Dee. ... something like "I shall reverse the world".

No shit, Mr Dee.
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