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Subject No Medicaid or free Obamacare in state of Virginia! Even if u r very sick or dying.
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Original Message Seriously. Virginia never opted into Obamacare affordable healthcare program. They also did not do extended Medicaid.

So. If I go to healthcare.gov. Zero $0 income. It states of course that you aotomatically can get free Medicaid thru your state. Unless you fill out form and show a Virginia state address. Then they send you to a page that says sorry your state does no participate.

See single 50 yr old female, living alone. If you have kids in house you can get Medicaid for them, & then you automatically get in a family program & get free Medicaid

If you are an illegal citizen, migrant worker you automatically get Medicaid & expedited service & they go back 6 months & pay any old expenses.

My situation is awful & complex. But I was totally ripped of, all accounts emptied my abusive spouse, took all household items, even my personal possesions. Used money $25,000 + he got attorney, took kids, because we were living in a domestic violence shelter. There is also no free legal aid for the 5 county area, judicial district I am in. He destroyed my credit (which was bet get than his)

So I lost over 70 lbs, got sick, had a TIA (mini stroke) due to stress. Developed arthmia, heart valve leakage, pass out a lot, have thyroid tumor, NASH (non alcohol related liver disease) enlarged cystic etc..l

And have lost so much weight I lost my boobs, but all I have is a. Very large painful mass that is my left breast. Pain even into underarm & radiates down arm some time. I have to take 4 naps a day to just function.

I am now too sick to work, barley function. And will be literally homeless in a week. I am running around selling everything i have, Craigslist etc.. Clothes that are too big, & the only things I got out of a storage unit the bastard had put my stuff in. I was making enough money of this farm I rented to pay bills, but nothing saved, leased fields for meat cattle, leased horse barks monthly, had flock of chickens & sold eggs, & did ebay, Craigslist, flea market to supplement. So always payed bills. But landlord breaking lease to sell farm, gave 30 days. Even though lease & Virginia law state 90 days from state of sale. Was supposed to be out yesterday, but begged another week to try to sell all my stuff. They have a deposit that would take me to end of month .. But they are not being helpful.

And I am a good person, no drugs, drinking, etc.. Just worked the farm, gardens, canned, tried to be as self sufficient as I could. But it is very hard to comeback from having literally nothing, &'having no family nor support network. So scared, hopeless, and trying to do the best I can. I waste no money, haven't had fast or restaurant food on 1.5 yrs. Cut my own hair. Buy all clothes 2nd hand. Just got really skrewed by a bad bad nasty abusive cheating creep.

I have gone to social services, they can do nothing for me. all the links from state of va webpages, even Susan g komen for free mammograms etc in state of Virginia are now dead links. As it was assumed obamacare would cover all these free services. Nope. Not in Virginia.

This is insane, an outrage. So anyone living in this state just outside of DC, with all wealthy county's in this state, & no free obamacare, no Medicaid to be had. You are just expected to die somewhere out of the way. And there are no section 8, 3 yr waiting lists for low income housing, no rapid rehousing funds, no homeless assistance available. And no SOARS agency's workers to help the 3 yr process to try to get social security disability, so you can then get a form of free Medicaid.

And most county free clinics I have gone to & filled out applications for, even passed out while I was in2 of them.. State they can only do basic sick Illness care, not anything chronic, or terminal, or complicated, so send me on my way. Even was in hospital for 5 days in cardiac ward they never did I any liver, thyroid scans tests, no anything else & said I would just have to have all that done. By outside doctors once I was released. I explained I didn't have funds for this, nor ability to pay for thatcare,no the up front before service copays for any tests, drs visits. They have no recommendations nor suggestions. And of course I. Get daily robot collection calls from hospital & er services, $300 copay for ambulance.. Of which I just ignore.
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