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Subject Stop Throwing Away Banana Peels: 8 Ways You Can Use Them
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Original Message Bananas are eaten every day all over the world. This is because quite simply bananas are tasty, but they’re extremely useful as well; the peels are anyway!

Bananas contain a large number of different vitamins; Vitamin B6 and Potassium being the main two. Consuming banana regularly can help your body fight off free radicals, which will help prevent diabetes type 2 reduce swelling and even stimulate your nervous system in some cases. This fruit has even been known to prevent kidney cancer!

But, that peel you throw away, it’s healthy too. There are many different uses for banana peels.

1. Teeth Whitening

Rubbing the banana peel on your teeth is probably one of the best natural ways to whiten your teeth.
Rub the banana peel on your teeth consistently for three to four minutes and rinse. Doing this twice, a day will give you dramatic results.

2. Wart Removal

By rubbing banana peel directly on the wart, you will be able to reduce it and in time remove it. You could also tear off a piece of banana peel and put it on the wart with a band-aid overnight to ensure better results.

3. Polish?

Instead of spending money on things lie furniture polish, shoe polish or even polish your silver. Use Banana peel. Rub it all over the object you want polished and buff it with a cloth. This will leave your furniture looking brand new.

4. Treatment For Acne

Antioxidants in the banana peel will work with your body to destroy bacteria on your face and get rid of that terrible breakout you are having.
Simply rub the peel (inside) on your face. Do this vigorously for about five minutes, repeat this process every day, several times a day until you see improvement.

5. Bug Bites And Skin Problems

Banana peels being super rich in nutrients can also help reduce and relieve pain!
If you are dealing with a terribly uncomfortable itch or sting rub the inside of a banana peel on the affected area, This will help almost instantly.

More Here: [link to diyprojects.tips]
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