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Subject MUST READ!!! Gladiostay-behind" armies and alleged Pentagon Field Manual FM 30-31B. Mr. Kenton, B.M.G. Flagged
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Original Message Welcome to the New World...
No land will be free of this beast.

[link to rigint.blogspot.com]

A seven-year old girl named Jenny was riding in the backseat of her family car when suddenly she asked, "Mommy, if a man in a big truck, a man who can't speak English, bangs into our car and doesn't hurt us but smashes the car, do we have to pay to get the car fixed?" Tobin Hart writes in The Secret Spiritual World of Children that her mother thought, What an odd question, and then explained how insurance worked. A few minutes later their car was hit by a dump truck, driven by a man who couldn't speak English. Though no one appeared hurt Jenny was hysterical, and was taken to the hospital for examination, during which she blurted out tearfully to the physician "It was my fault!" Asked what was her fault, she said "I knew the accident was going to happen and I didn't tell Mommy."

It wouldn't have helped, of course. A warning from Jenny that their car was soon to be struck by a non-English speaking man driving a truck her mom would have thought, What an odd remark.

Whatever the basis for Jenny's alarm - intuition, premonition or something else - it would not likely have been recognized by her mother as sufficient grounds to pull off the road or change direction. Jenny would probably have been a silly girl for getting so worked up about some crazy notion in her head. If her mother's mind were typically rationalist, her daughter would be chided for magical thinking. They might even have been arguing as the truck hit.

Jenny's warning would almost certainly have been ignored. But what about the next time she sees something coming? How might her sensible mother respond then?

Following on from the post The Massacre of the Innocents, there's an interesting current thread [link to p216.ezboard.com] on the RI forum regarding Gladio, Europe's "stay-behind" armies and alleged Pentagon Field Manual FM 30-31B. The document lays out a program of "intelligence guidance" for fascist cells to wage false-flag terror in NATO nations that "do not react with sufficient effectiveness" against "communist subversion." It adds that a crisis moment arrives once leftist groups "renounce the use of force" and become engaged in democratic systems. At such a time, "U.S. army intelligence must have the means of launching special operations which will convince Host Country Governments and public opinion of the reality of the insurgent danger."

The field manual was first published in the Turkish newspaper Baris in 1973, during a "whole range of mysterious acts of violence and brutality which shocked the Turkish society," writes Daniele Ganser in NATO's Secret Armies. She adds that, "thereafter, the Baris journalist who had come into the possession of the secret manual disappeared and was never heard of again." It next appeared in 1976, in the Spanish newspaper Triunfo after Franco's death, despite great pressure to prevent publication. In both occasions, publication was met with silence from the US State Department. Then, when the US Embassy in Italy got wind that the monthly magazine Controinformazione was going to translate and distribute the document it informed the publisher that it would be "inopportune" to do so. But it did so, and the issues were confiscated, and US officials then, for the first time, claimed in a letter that the document was a forgery (in fact, claimed there was not even an attachment "A" to FM30-31, which is now demonstrably false).

From Ganser:

After the discover of the secret NATO armies across Europe researchers started to investigate the direct link between FM 30-31 and the stay-behind armies. Allan Francovich in his BBC documentary on Gladio presented a copy of FM 30-31B to senior US officials. Ray Cline, Deputy CIA Director for Intelligence in the 1960s, confirmed: "This is an authentic document." William Colby, CIA Director from 1973 to 1976 and closely involved with operation Gladio and the stay-behinds in numerous countries of Western Europe, in front of the camera, was reluctant to face this dark side of his country and claimed: "I have never heard of it." Also CIA propaganda expert Michael Ledeen shied away from the sensitive document and claimed it to be a Soviet forgery. While Licio Gelli, the Italian Freemason and leader of the anti-Communist P2 frankly told Francovich: "The CIA gave it to me."

The case for stay-behind terror has been made and admitted many times over and doesn't rest upon a authenticity of a single document (though the State Department would have it so, since it's easier to deny a piece of paper than generational conduct). The significance of FM30-31B is that it appeared nearly a decade before the story of Gladio, the "Strategy of Tension" (in which forgery-advocate Ledeen had a hand) and Western Europe's other Stay-Behind networks broke publically. If it was a forgery then it was of an extremely rare order, as it accurately anticipated the next ten years of hidden European history.

But in 1973, the publication of FM30-31B appeared to most as Jenny's warning. It was an extremely odd thing to say that nativist far-right cells colluding with the CIA might attempt to discredit Europe's democratic left by waging false-flag acts of terror, because most of the examples were either still buried by history or were yet to come. Today, and to us, false flags have become such a part of our psycho-political landscape that some have trouble recognizing any other flag flying. But even when we err, given the lay of the land it's on account of caution rather than paranonia.

Questions of possibly more US-sponsored state terror in the Philippines have returned, following an unexplained "anti-terror experiment" smuggling bombing components through airport security. ("I am reminded," writes Amirah Ali Lidasan, "of an incident in May 2003, about an American by the name of Michael Meiring who accidentally set off an explosion in his room at the Evergreen hotel in Davao City. According to media reports, Meiring was mysteriously 'whisked away' by men believed to be agents of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation at the hospital where he was admitted. He was boarded onto a helicopter and nothing was heard from him again.")

And this story, just yesterday, marking another September 11:

Colombia military in bomb scandal

Army officers in Colombia have been accused of placing car bombs around the capital in the latest military scandal to hit the country.


In the latest scandal, army officers are accused of placing car bombs around Bogota, including one that went off wounding more than a dozen soldiers and killing a civilian. The motivation was to claim reward money from the government, which offers payments of up to $400,000 (£220,000) for information on the activities of Marxist rebels and drugs traffickers.

In another incident, 10 policemen were killed by the army in what was presented as a friendly fire tragedy. However, evidence has shown that they were killed at point-blank range. Several soldiers, including a colonel, have been arrested and accused of murdering the policemen on the orders of a notorious drug baron.

Mr Uribe insisted that these scandals are isolated incidents and that things are getting better.

And in Belgium, home of NATO and Marc Dutroux, two more soldiers have been arrested for being part of a neo-Nazi network suspected of planning "terrorist actions" aimed at "destabilizing" the country.

Is a pattern manifesting itself yet? And is it better parsed by a paradigm, often soft-sold by conservatives and "patriots" who conflate the UN with the NWO, that there is no qualitative difference between the left and the right, or one which holds that the enemy is and always has been characteristically fascist? That's not "playing politics": it's reading history, and recognizing an international legacy of privileged criminal perversion conspiring by its nature to crush us and maintain our weak posture that implies we can do nothing about it. "If humanity still has hope of survival," writes the Zapatistas' Subcommandante Marcos, "that hope is in the pockets formed by the excluded ones, the left-overs, the ones who are disposible." If that makes sense to you, then you agree that left and right remain valid categories, even unto the parapolitical depths.

Like Jenny's mother, Americans were warned of 9/11 by precedence, exigence and coincidence. And many now, to some measure and by whatever means, have finally received it. But America's still on the road, with much of the rest of the world strapped in the backseat, barrelling towards its final destination. If the warnings remain ineffective we had better think about how we're going to grab the wheel.
posted by Jeff at 6:38 AM

pls visit the site and read comments.
There is a lot of interesting insight from readers. TY

After reading this piece and then reading the latest news it puts things into perspective.
It may well be that we are currently in a real world war where no country will escape the beast.
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