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Subject In America crime By White People Goes Unreported While Black Crime Is Over Reported.
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Original Message Black people need to go into media and open news outlets so that they can reports crimes by Whites because the American media is part of a conspiracy to criminalize Blackness itself.

Whites Kill everyday in America.

Whites Rape everyday.

Whites burglarize homes everyday.

Whites beat people up everyday.

Whites shoot people everyday.

Just like Nazi Germany propagandized their people with threats of the "Danger of Jews" in order to draw a consensus against them and just like Nazi Germany made the Nazi's seem like the good guys who never wronged anyone but were constantly being wronged,American corporate news is working tirelessly to form the same narrative.

I asked a Hispanic Man if he had ever noticed that 99% of all crime news in America has a Black or brown face and he was shocked that he had never questioned that.

I asked him how is it possible in a Nation of 310 million with at least 180 million of them being White that Whites crimes are reported only 1% of the time?

He was dumb founded that he had been under the spell of this propaganda which I call illusion magic.

More each day I am convinced that whites are wicked and dangerous and non Whites need to prepare to fight.

When a people have the land,the political power and the majority of wealth and the STILL demonize you and refuse to accept you then they have evil intentions that will eventually require you to shed their blood because THEY are criminalizing you for a reason.
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