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Subject The Iran Nuclear Deal: Triumph for Iran, US Hegemony and Israeli Militarism in Retreat
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Original Message The Iran Nuclear Deal: Triumph for Iran, US Hegemony and Israeli Militarism in Retreat

By Sayed Hasan
Global Research, July 20, 2015

While the whole world – with the exception of Israel and Saudi Arabia – celebrates a ‘victory for international diplomacy’ that should end decades of sanctions and repel the risk of international war in the region, certain truths should be recalled about the real motives of the US administration in Iran and Tehran’s foreign policy.

The Vienna agreement concluded July 14th, 2015 between Iran and the “P5 + 1” (the five members of the UN Security Council – China, USA, France, UK, Russia – plus Germany) concluded 12 years of negotiations on the Iranian nuclear issue. Initiated in 2003 by the Bush administration, the very year of the invasion of Iraq, the accusations that Iran has a secret military nuclear program and aspires to obtain the atomic bomb were as unfounded as those that were brought against the alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. These allegations, which all data and all international observers proved to be false, only served as a pretext for the aggression that was to be the last act of the project for a New Middle East redesigned according to the desiderata of Washington. A Middle East in which there would be no room for any state or any force that could represent a danger to US hegemony and their control of resources and strategic areas of the region.

Iran – like Syria – constituted a major obstacle to this project, and was to meet the same fate as Iraq, the invasion of which was only a prelude. Its aggression was planned, and has often been presented as imminent, but the American failure in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Israeli-American debacle against Hezbollah in 2006 and the emergence of new poles around rising powers such as Russia and China, in partnership with Latin America, South Africa and other Eurasian powers, prefigured a geostrategic shift to a multipolar world in which the United States would not only lose their exclusivity, but their very relevance. Hence the American desire to regain some presence – and the will for the Obama administration to achieve some diplomatic ‘successes’ – by concluding the ‘historic’ agreements with Cuba and with Iran, two nations under a State of siege without precedent for decades because of their independent, anti-imperialist and internationalist policies, and who have not folded despite the economic, diplomatic, media (and sometimes military) merciless war to which they were subjected. On the contrary, Cuba, like Iran, had reached an unprecedented regional influence, and despite Western propaganda, the agreements represent for them a resounding victory and a crushing defeat for Washington and its vassals who can put forward only illusory successes, trumpeted to compensate for their inanity.

Thus Barack Obama who put forward a fatwa of Sayed Ali Khamenei, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, banning the production, possession and use of nuclear weapons, presenting it as a result obtained by the efforts of his administration. But the reality is that this prohibition was enacted by Imam Khomeini as early as 1984, in the middle of the Iran-Iraq war, while Iran was subjected to the chemical attacks of Saddam Hussein – with the active complicity of the West. Despite the existential threat which then weighed upon the Islamic Republic and the pressing demands addressed in this regard by the Iranian political and military elites , Imam Khomeini categorically prohibited any research on chemical, biological or nuclear weapons – and a fortiori any possession or use of such weapons. His authority remains so overwhelming that it is inconceivable to see this religious – and not just political – prohibition challenged by anyone within the Islamic Republic, or even Hezbollah as Hassan Nasrallah could explicitly highlight. Besides, Sayed Ali Khamenei himself issued an explicit fatwa to this effect in the mid-1990s, made public in 2004. It was recalled by Iran in 2005 before the International Agency for Atomic Energy (IAEA), whose reports all testified to there being no hint of Iran pursuing a military nuclear program, all the data clearly establishing the opposite. But perhaps ‘Big Brother’ apportions so many resources to spying on the private conversations of his vassals that he forgets to take note of the official statements and reports of his antagonists, and even of his own intelligence agencies, up to those of Israel , all of which corroborate the purely civilian nature of Iran’s nuclear program.

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