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Subject Do you know why women are obsessed with money, gold, diamonds, etc? They made a pact with the Devil in ancient times
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Original Message I've come across many ancient texts which repeat the same things. To get to the point: women committed a grave sin in the far ancient past - they had sex with the Devil and his demonic minions, went to live in their kingdom with them, and began mining into the Earth for metals and minerals.

This is why women are so obsessed with all this mindless shit today because of a pact they made with the Devil many thousands of years ago.

I would also suggest that this is where the term 'gold digger' originated, because women literally dug the Earth for gold back in those days.

Here's an extract from an interview with Zulu Credo Mutwa who tells the same story which I've read about from many other sources:

"And, another thing the Chitauli [serpent people] forced human beings to do, they forced human beings to mine into the Earth. The Chitauli activated human women and made them to discover minerals and metals of certain types. Women discovered copper; women discovered gold; women discovered silver.

And, eventually, they were guided by the Chitauli to alloy these metals and to create new metals which had never existed in Nature before, metals such as bronze and brass and others."

^^No shit. Bitches, this is all your fault.
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