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Subject Need your help - Bill to save us from emerging tech........
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Original Message As we all know, emerging technology is starting to border on dangerous. I've seen articles and posts and whining about it, but I've not seen any real action. So, this evening, after a drink, I had this idea......

Someone needs to put together draft legislation to help out our terribly lazy politicians in approaching this critical issue. I'm nobody really, but I can write. I can also drink and fuck shit up, so I need your help.

Let's write a bill, shall we? Let's save the world (because Dear God, does it need saving...)

Here's what I have. PLEASE add to it, suggest wording, changes, etc. This needs to be a collaborative effort. P.S. I'm open to real constructive criticism. Like, I'm not sure about the whole UN thing but couldn't think of anything else that had any gravitas worldwide.

"Emerging and Current Technology Security Bill

Technology has advanced to a sufficient state that numerous potential dangers have become known. In addition, the unknown dangers surely outnumber the known.

Due to this, stringent and thorough safeguards must be put into place before these emerging threats bear to fruition.

This bill shall address all known and unknown dangers that any current, emerging or unknown technologies, methodologies, practices, substances, machines, or insert more here, potentially posses. This list shall henceforth cover the meaning of any technology or methodology.

All emerging technologies shall furthermore be subject to scrutiny by officers of the patent office, an independent board of no less than 100 academics which shall rotate randomly throughout academia for periods of five years per term (this part is vital and irrevocable), a specially appointed UN commission and shall be subject to a consensus of UN countries. The previously stated means of testing and vetting shall happen in the order written with no technology moving to the next stage of vetting before approval of the previous. In addition, all members, at all levels, of any involvement in the vetting process may not have received funds, employment, special access or privileges from any petitioner or related interests on issues for which they shall vote.

The purely existential and real threat of these technologies necessitates said unprecedented measures. Examples of these threats include complete world killers, environment killers, society killers, food supply killers, water supply killers, weapons of mass destruction, and many, many more severe issues that encompass threats the human race has never faced in the entirety of it's existence.

If, any of the above mentioned fields' emerging, current or past advances might cause harm to human life, the environment, the ecology of the planet or areas within, societal balance, peace, or the ongoing safety of human and animal life on the planet Earth, it must forevermore become illegal and untouchable. Once a technology or methodology has been effectively banned, penalties of the highest order must be implemented in order to dissuade others from their pursuit.

Appeals can and must be implemented both for banned technologies and methodologies and against approved technologies and methodologies. Said appeals shall number four, each with successively higher courts of appeal. Said courts of appeal shall reside within county or territory of origin, state or territory of origin, country of origin, and planet of origin (UN court).

If a technology or methodology is approved as safe, then it shall be subject to review for each successive change or advancement in it's processes. Any update, upgrade or substantive change must be submitted for vetting and approval.

Said measures must be taken in order to overcome the issues of greed, malfeasance, incompetence, short-sightedness and violence to which human kind is prone. "

That's all I have. Help me out guys......
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