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Subject September: the Pope, upcoming CERN dark matter discovery, Disclosure & Rapture.
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Original Message In this video, we see CERN officially announcing on BBC that the discovery of "dark matter" could take place in late summer (September 22 is the last day of summer) or as "early as September"

Funny enough, I posted a vid a while back that nobody watched. In it, the host of this show talked about a LOT of interesting topics, and tied them to his own prediction: During Wave X, the pope will visit obama and take part in a Disclosure event!
Thread: September 23rd predicted to be a potential Disclosure event during Pope/Obama meeting by astrologist.

Wouldn't that be some shit?!?!? It's been said by many that a fake alien contact would be used by elites in the future.

Well, looks like we're in that future time now, so...

The maker of the first video here claims:
"A great deception has been planned as a cover-up for the rapture event that the prophecies in the Bible point to as taking place on the Day of Atonement in 2015 (September 23, 2015). This deception will involve "aliens" and will be the reason given for why millions of people all over the globe have suddenly vanished just before a cataclysmic event takes place that could endanger the survival of the human race. CERN will somehow be involved in opening another dimension as a fulfillment of the 5th trumpet in Revelation 9, when the Abyss is opened and some sort of evil, demonic creature descends on the earth to torture people for 5 months."

Now, that's an angle I've never heard... A faked alien invasion to cover up a rapture event!

At this point, even if September passes with nothing out of the ordinary..... it's just too interesting to connect these dots.

As hard as it is here in this mortal coil.... let's take a minute to be thankful for how damn interesting these times are!!!

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