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Subject Juggling 4 girls at once..what a trip!
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Original Message I've been dating the same girl for a little over two years. I was completely honest with her in the beginning but after a while I had to revert back to what I am. A cheater.

For the past 6 months, I've been dating her and 3 other women. I've got it down to a science and I'm quite proud of myself, however I almost got busted this morning.

My gf is a single mom with a kid that lives in a separate town. I know when she can come over and when she can't. In the past, she would come over unannounced in an effort to "keep me honest" since she was cheated on back in the day. I made an effort to note all of these "pop in's" and realized a certain trend. This allowed me to reach out to other women and either 1) Bring them back to my place or 2) get invited to theirs, which is the more preferable option. Of the 4 girls I'm seeing, 2 come to my place and the other two stay at their place. I tell those two that I have roommates and am rarely alone.

This morning, I was with the girl that comes to my place since my GF had her daughter for the weekend. Luckily, my gf called me while she was on her way to visit me saying her mom took her daughter out for breakfast and was coming over. I had to think fast and make an excuse to the other girl saying I needed to drive to the office (ON LABOR DAY!) and she actually bought it. We both left my house at the same time in each other's cars but then I did a U-turn back to my place after I was sure she was on her way home. About 3 minutes later, my gf arrived. She was in the mood and we had some good sexy. I hadn't even taken a shower from the other girl and was freaking out that she would know something but I got away with it.

I feel guilty but I love how crazy things can get. It's always such an adventure with each girl..an adrenaline RUSH!
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