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Subject Are you ready for X?
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Original Message No matter what you personally believe in. Also it does not matter if you believe in just doom, doom & awakening, or awakening only.

If you don't see it now, you may not see and understand when X crosses trough our reality. Did you prepare? Mentally? Did you try to dissolve your ego, or did you simply prep up with water etc while believing in doom only? My question would be;

How do you know, what is truth to you? Do you think in a mind logical way, or you empathize in "heart logic", like going with your own heartly emotional wave without ignoring it. Or are you even trying to set Mind&Heart Logic into an harmonic blasting state? I hope you can follow what i'm trying to say here.

Even all this religion/spirituallity stuff is coming together. More people should have recognized that here on GLP now, i don't understand why people still listen to this crap while alot of people simply know that all religions, even buddhism is to distract your attention for knowledge, because you simply never would find out trough these what's really up here. There is a looooong history of history destruction, book distructions etc. The last time i remember of in a huger way is what happened in hitlers times, deleting history was made history. Imagine how often that must have happened since we live in this darkness of seperation (if you like to believe in that of course). Imagine also the witch hunt being a total lie to kill good healers or even kinda "magicians"? They twisted alot of history trough cartoons and tv in general for us. Did you know the populair disney movies is just like a twisted fan fiction about really brutal stories which were most probably way more different before they became this barbaric? Well maybe not but i'm writing too much at the moment, sorry.

My opinion is that HE is coming. Maybe he is X, or he is Y which comes sometime after and X is the last lie.
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