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Subject 2012 U.S. Presidenial Election Was a False Flag: Winner Predecided in 1971 by CIA DARPA Time Travel-Controlled Apparatus
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Original Message Alfred Lambremont Webre, author of Exogovernment: Politics, Government & Law in the Universe (1999), claims that in the early 1970s a CIA DARPA Project called Project Pegasus was tasked with identifying future persons of interest.

Their objectives particularly included pre-identifying future U.S. Presidents (see video linked below).

The work of those in Project Pegasus also included informing future U.S. Presidents of their future role, years or even multiple decades in advance.

For instance, Barack Obama was informed that he would become President in the year 1971 (Obama was 10 years old).

Mr. Weber claims that Obama's maternal grandfather Stanley Dunham, his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, and himself were all CIA assets.

U.S. Presidents that CIA Time-Travel Apparatus technology was employed for include:

Jimmy Carter
George Herbert Walker Bush
Bill Clinton
George W. Bush
Barack Obama

Mr. Weber claims that his book (once it was a library book, sometime in 2005) was, by itself, time traveled back to the year 1971 and in it he had written about each of the above U.S. Presidents.

This is how those in the CIA DARPA Pegasus Program who ere living in 1971 America came to know who many of their future U.S. Presidents would be.

Watch the video; it's worth it.

If Mr. Webre's claim is true (how U.S. Presidents are actually chosen) and it was revealed to the American public WHY the past several Presidential elections (AND election campaign seasons) have felt differently, can you imagine what the fallout from this would be?

Obama would be removed from office, and likely charged with treason; those joining him could include many/most federal government officials, possibly all/most Supreme Court Justices, the House and Senate Leadership, and likely other U.S. Congressmen and Senators; anyone who verified Obama's eligibility to run for election and cleared him to appear on a ballot; anyone who certified those election results, etc., etc., etc.

Anarchy and race riots would ensue.

Martial law could end up being put into place, but by whom? The military? The Joint Chiefs?

Could Congress still function as part of the cleanup process (to aid in trying those that have been charged)?

Could Obama and the others end up being tried by military tribunal?

Let me know what you think.
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