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Subject Vatican Issued Civil Orders - Obama is Corporate Actor: ORIG 13th Ammendment Says Grand Army of Republic to Disarm ALL Federal Agencies
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Original Message It appears that on July 4, 2014 Pope Francis' private attorney issued Civil Orders that relate to the organic states of The United States of America and all citizens of the same.

[link to www.faceuni.com (secure)]

The Civil Orders are addressed to: All Members of the Domestic Police Forces, US Marshals Service, the Provost Marshal, Members of the American Bar Association, and the American Armed Services.

In the Civil Orders, Pope Francis specifies that Obama is merely the President of the United States Corporation and, as such, can only act within the confines of the description of that position. In other words, Obama is not a real Head of State, he only looks and acts like one.

In his actual position, Obama has no power of a real President, one who heads the Executive Branch of the legitimate government. Obama most certainly has no power to enter into any internationally binding agreements such as treaties without Congressional approval.

The Pope's Civil Orders also point out that according to the unaltered version of the 13th Amendment of the original constitution, no one holding any office of trust in the U.S. can also hold any honor or title of nobility such as "Honorable", "Esquire", or "Doctor" (including Juris Doctor).

This means all attorneys have been outlawed and at any time they can be rounded up. Thus, as many Governors and most/all members of Congress hold such a title or honor, this requires their removal from office.

Pope Francis has also ordered the Joint Chiefs of Staff to disarm Americans. Also, all Federal agencies must disarm and turn in their stockpiles of weapons, ammunition, and other equipment. This applies to all arms in the possession of the Federal Government.

Thus, any member of the Grand Army of the Republic, i.e. any serving or formerly serving member of the military, i.e. veteran, and any member of a bonafide state militia will be the enforcers of these Civil Orders.

In other words, we are all being set up for and pushed into a new Civil War...by the Vatican!

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