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Subject Scientists Can Make You an Immigrant-Loving Athiest by Shutting Off Parts of Your Brain
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Original Message I'd like to make some wisecrack about science having proven what we all know -- that libs and atheists are they way they are because parts of their brain are shut off.

I'd like to make a joke about it but I can't: it's just too horrific. The tech exiats now to basically shut down your brain so you become a good little commie immigrant loving athiest. Do you realize how deeply disturbing this is?

How lomg before liberals start calling believers and nationalists pathological and start slicing out pieces of kids brains so the never learn to know God or love of nation?

WORST OF ALL: THEY CAN DO IT ELECTROMAGNETICALLY! THEY CAN LITLLLY BEAM THE STUPID AT YOU FROM A DISTANCE. One minute are sitting at home minding your own business and the next thing you know you are handing the keys of your house over to Achmed or Pablo and deciding to BBQ your bible before you head out on the road homeless.

I read a lot of depressing news, being a doomtard. It takes a lot to deeply unsettle me anymore, the world is so depraved. But this info managed to push us to a new low.

Head for the fucking hills NOW if you arent there already becuase This is about as sick as it gets.


[link to www.express.co.uk]

A bizarre experiment claims to be able to make Christians no longer believe in God and make Britons open their arms to migrants in experiments some may find a threat to their values.

Scientists looked at how the brain resolves abstract ideological problems.

Using a technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), researchers safely shut down certain groups of neurones in the brains of volunteers.
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