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Subject Strange dream about shapeshifting (female tiger humanoid transformation / reptile transformation / underground base)
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Original Message I have a question. I had last night a very strange dream:

I was in a jail like room, but it was not a jail. It was more like a room for special people that can shapeshift and change the way they look. It was a special secret organisation that owned all this. Now I was in the one room and there was a little window of the size of a childrens hand.

I just could look trough it and see in the other room a female around age 20 to 25 and she had brown longer hair, looked very attractive, but she changed her form into a tiger on the lower body area. Around her stomach area up to her head she looked human.

This changed all 10 minutes or so. And sometimes just a tiger was in the room. Sometimes you saw just a female (her) as a human. She looked at me with a very strange facial expression, like she´s highly interested in me.

So I looked at me and I saw that I also changed my form, but my form was not that of a tiger, but a reptilian like shapeshifting. In my mind I heard that my dna is from draco star system. And I would be in that room because "they" all collect beings/people in that underground base if someone is shapeshifting or having such capacities.

She looked at me and I checked that she was super highly intelligentbut it was a intelligence that was not "made from nature" to fit for planet earth or any planet. It was more like a pure super intelligence that goes beyond demonic and angelic intelligence intentions.

Not sure what this dream should mean. I just know it was a very deep underground base on this planet. And now beyond this dream I receive or feel "her" like she´s actually - really - down there. Alone. And she contacted me in a dream so I know about her. She is in this room for such beings and she can´t get out of there. She walks around in a jail like room for strange beings.
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