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Subject The grandiose delusion of American politicians and their paranoid followers
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Original Message A grandiose delusion is an experience of an extremely exaggerated sense of worth, power, knowledge, identity, or relationship. Someone who is grandiose may believe he can speak to supernatural beings or that he is a supernatural being himself. This is one of three of the strong signs that help determine whether a person is psychopathic, along with superficial charm and egocentriscm.

Paranoia -

In popular culture paranoia is often represented as including:

Belief in having special powers or being on a special mission

Conspiracy theories, such as seeing seemingly unrelated news events as parts of a larger, typically conspiratorial plan

Exaggerated fear of terrorists, criminals or bandits

Black helicopters and other mass surveillance

Persecution from powerful adversaries such as UFOs, terrorists, the Men in Black, secret societies or demons

Paranoia or belief in conspiracy theories involving perceived political or social enemies

Mind control through invisible rays, and tinfoil hats to combat them

Fear of poisoning, adulterated food (e.g., aspartame) or water (e.g., fluoridation) as part of a secret plot

Reading a story, watching a movie, or listening to a song and feeling that one's life is exactly like that of the subject of said story, movie, or song.

Along the same vein: Even paranoids have enemies.
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