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Subject "Weaving Spiders Come not Here"?
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Original Message If you are not familiar with the thread title, it is the motto of the Bohemian Club... If you are unfamiliar with that, then go do your homework and come back to GLP... The point is, I am creating this thread because I have always figured the phrase had more than one meaning.

They say "weaving spiders come not here" refers to how their political views (members of the club, often high-ranking people) stay out of the Grove. However, I was meditating when I came to a memory on a class in high school English-- one about Greek mythology.

The story of how spiders came about, according to the Greeks, is that some chick named Arachne told Athena (goddess of the harvest, nature, etc.-- inventor of the spinning loom to them) that she could work the loom better than Athena could. This pissed Athena off a lot, as you could imagine...humans were not allowed to claim they were better than the "gods."


Anyways, there are three endings to the story. All of them basically say that Athena f*ed Arachne over, but felt bad about it later, so she turned her into a spider, so that she could spin silk forever.



The moral of the story is that you shouldn't piss off the "gods," and if you do, no one is supposed to f*ing know about it, and you should act like they took pity on you to boot.

Basically, Arachne represents the weaving spiders. The weaving spiders are those who know the true nature of the elite (gods), and want to sabotage them by hiding among them...as Arachne said she spun just as well as a god-almost as if she was one-when, really, she just wanted to mock Athena.

Of course, this is probably all just me making crazy-ass connections that don't really exist, but... I really think there is something more to this. And, anyways, what the hell do you think this big-ass G (Greek...? God...?) stands for?



Your thoughts? Feel free to say I am insane. We are all nutty here. :D Just thought I'd share, cause' I thought it was odd I suppose.
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