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Subject The 5000 Year War Quest for Technology vs The Quest for Truth
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Original Message "If the facts don't fit the theory - change the facts." Albert Einstein

"What if you were told that mankind has gone around once before;
You wouldn't believe it, would you?"

"What if it could be proven, that this ancient society left a recorded history for all to know would you even want to know?"

"What a scary thought to think that a civilization with what would seem like mystical powers of technology somehow was either wiped out or for some strange reason has lost it's memory."

"How or what was it that with all their science and technology they couldn't stop from happening..and what made them leave a recorded history for future races?"

"Were they remnants of an Atlantis civilization, ancient Mu, Babelytes..or one we haven't figured out yet?"

"Those are questions remaining to be answered but one thing is for sure, whomever they were - they left a message of their history in plain view for all to see!"

"What if it were told that Plato's fable of an Atlantean society was in fact a fore gone conclusion, or at the very least, an ancient society who's knowledge surpasses what we have today and it is probable that all technological advances we enjoy today are 'borrowed' from just such an ancient mysterious prior civilization, would you believe it?"

"What if it could be shown - irrefutable proof, would you then believe..?"

"What if the Egyptian Giza pyramids blueprints have been uncovered and they prove what we have been taught about our history is completely false!"

"Here is our history in a nut shell...everything we have witnessed in the last 5000 years -every war - every rising of a religion - every secret group be it Mason, Rosercrucian or Illuminati.."

"It HAS ALL BEEN a vast and elaborate game of SCAVENGER HUNT to excavate the lost technology left by those our present day history books won't recognize."

"Lost technology left by our parent civilization and why we have gained this advanced technological world in a scant 10,000 years when it should have taken us 100,000 years or longer according to science."

"Technology left to help us jump-start survivors back into the previous Class One Eden style civilization that once existed."

"This is the opinion from nearly 40 years of research amassed and why this information is coming forward..to freely share these findings." - JD Jeffrey

Together mankind and humanity as a collective effort can uncover our TRUE undisclosed history.

To quote one of the greatest minds of the Twentieth Century:
"You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else." Albert Einstein

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