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Subject Possible NWO Bait-And-Switch Coming? Trump, Saudi Arabia, New Commodity Backed Currency & International War On Terror?
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Original Message Basically the elite created the fiat money system (which was easy for them to obtain in mass) and used it to take over the world (real assets) using nothing but perception of wealth (fiat money, mainly US dollar), and now that they have almost all of the REAL wealth, they need to rob as much remaining publicly owned wealth (fiat) AND possessions (assets) as possible and then destroy the current fiat economic system completely so they can transition to a new economic system that will eventually be commodity backed (next to impossible to obtain in mass) and do it on a coordinated global scale. Their plan is that no one will ever again be able to "compete" with their domination (which they gained using fiat they created out of noting, and we would need to take back using physical assets which is impossible to achieve). Just understand the NWO bait-and-switch that might be coming...

It is my belief that the elite may try to trick the world into thinking they lost control during their NWO rollout, when in reality they really didn't. Trump (/Sanders) may fit into this plan (Clinton would be the decoy in this case), and so would the 28 pages and the coming Saudi scapegoat (blamed for 9/11, Al-Qaeda, ISIS, US government corruption and more, while the true perpetrators would again go unmentioned), as well as the bail-ins and negative interest rates (which would fail on purpose shortly after being implemented and would be designed only to destroy the remaining upper middle class wealth) which after failing would eventually be replaced by a series of new commodity backed currencies (which would be the IMF SDR and its 5 basket currencies (U.S. dollar (new), Euro, Yen, Pound Sterling, and soon the Chinese Yuan) which would all be required to become commodity backed once the IMF bail out the various governments around the world (which is extremely likely to happen) after the bail-ins and negative interest rates fail (again on purpose). With this MOST big banks would fall and most people would think the NWO lost, which would not at all be the case (as this would be part of their plan). Sadly I think a lot of truthers would likely fall for this NWO bait-and-switch as the way it would be prepped would again appear as if the NWO try a push for their world system but fail (yay we win!), when in reality the failed push is all part of the plan (wait we don't win?), and the true NWO system would then be implemented in the aftermath in a way that most people would cheer for without understanding the true long-con being played on them (part of that being a gold/commodity backed currency which people will eventually demand, and the elite really WANT as they bought almost all the commodities already).

As an added sidenote, with this scenario WWIII would still take place but not close to how most people would envision it (Syria/Iran would be the decoy in this case), and it wouldn't escalate to be the West (US/NATO...) vs East (Russia/China...) as most people expect (we may appear close to all out war with Russia/China but it wouldn't actually happen), and instead would almost certainly be the West and East eventually "uniting" against the common scattered threat of international terrorism (the US would be on the edge of war with Russia and China when the US economy tanks and a new 9/11 2.0 takes place, and from this Russia/China would step in as planned and play the good cop role by "helping" the US due to the newly developing crisis situation (Russia fighting ISIS for the US in Syria was prep for this possible coming long-con)) which would be mainly focused on blaming and then targeting the biggest scapegoat ever Saudi Arabia (which would be blamed for 9/11, Al-Qaeda funding, ISIS funding, past US government corruption, the coming 9/11 2.0, and the eventual crashing of the US dollar and death of the Petrodollar) and would chain to other connected "terrorist liked" countries such as Pakistan, Libya, and a few other scattered countries which require a bit of cleanup (Turkey, Yemen, NK...) as well as domestically in "problem areas" in the US and Europe. Basically WWIII wouldn't be super power vs super power but instead would be the super powerS (multiple) teaming up against the scattered threats to the NWO throughout the world, using a UNITED global war on terrorism as the cover, which would really be aimed at targeting anyone that at that point in time is still resisting the new NWO system as it is being rolled out globally.

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