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Subject Uranium Seawater Extraction Makes Nuclear Power Completely Renewable
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Original Message "Nuclear fuel made with uranium extracted from seawater makes nuclear power completely renewable. Itís not just that the 4 billion tons of uranium in seawater now would fuel a thousand 1,000-MW nuclear power plants for 100,000 years. Itís that uranium extracted from seawater is replenished continuously, so nuclear becomes as endless as solar, hydro and wind."

[link to www.forbes.com]

"...this latest technology builds on work by researchers in Japan and uses polyethylene fibers coated with amidoxime to pull in and bind uranium dioxide from seawater..."

"An acid treatment recovers the uranium in the form of a uranyl complex, regenerating the fibers that can be reused many times. The concentrated uranyl complex then can be enriched to become nuclear fuel..."


"Researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory exposed this special uranium-sorbing fiber developed at ORNL to Pseudomonas fluorescens and used the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Laboratory to create a 3-D X-ray microtomograph to determine microstructure and the effects of interactions with organisms and seawater."

"...testing shows that these new fibers had the capacity to hold 6 grams of uranium per kilogram of adsorbent in only about 50 days in natural seawater...


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