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Subject Latest Wanta update: International Court of Justice subpoenas issued against Paulson and Cheney for money-laundering
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Original Message Wanta Group Verfies Head of U.S Treasury Detained In Germany Over Failure To Release $4.5 trillion in Wanta Funds
Mainstream U.S. and European press silent on issue. White House and Treasury officials will not comment.
3 Jan 2007

By Greg Szymanski

The German legal hammer has come down hard on Henry M. Paulson Jr., secretary of the U.S. Treasury, according to Michael C. Cottrell, treasurer of the Leo Wanta financial group trying to repatriate $4.5 trillion in off shore funds to the American people.

Cottrell verified on Wednesday Paulson was recently held in custody and then subsequently released by German officials for trying to divert the Wanta funds and refusal to honor and agreement entered into with Wanta in May to repatriate the vast sum of money.

Both the White House and officials and the U.S. Treasury have neither confirmed or denied whether Paulson was detained by German officials. Further no reports have surfaced in either the mainstream American and European news outlets.

Since the story first appeared at www.worldreports.org, hundreds of emails have poured into the Arctic Beacon, questioning the veracity of the story and further questioning why nothing in the mainstream or alternative media has surfaced regarding the Wanta story and Paulson’s recent detainment.

Besides the British outlet at World Reports, the Arctic Beacon has been the only U.S. outlet covering the Wanta story, having written numerous stories and conducted numerous radio interviews with Cottrell and Wanta in hopes of getting to the bottom of the story.

Further, Arctic Beacon and World Reports differ on who are the real culprits behind the scene blocking the Wanta settlement, the Arctic Beacon questioning Vatican horseplay while World Reports saying this is out of the question and preposterous.

“This is really the only place that Christopher Story and I differ,” said the Arctic Beacon editor. I know he has quested my intentions when I brought up a Vatican connection, but I can assure everyone I have only been trying to search for the real truth behind the Wanta story ever since I began communicating with Leo about a year and a half ago.

“From my experience and research expertise concerning Vatican Banking corruption and scandals, I cannot see how Mr. Story can ignore their involvement and for this must question his motives and intentions although much of what he says appears credible.”

Concerning the recent incident in Germany, Cottrell told the Arctic Beacon Wednesday that Paulson was detained by German authorities since Paulson asked the German Chancellor personally to divert the Wanta funds, amounting to a fraudulent and illegal action.

“He was held and released,” said Cottrell, “with the stipulation that if he releases the money to Ambassador Wanta as previously agreed upon, all charges will be dropped.

“This is a huge story in Europe as major banks are concerned of possible defaults that could worse than what happened in the ‘Great Depression’. I want the American people to know that all the information released at worldreports.org comes from me. We chose to release it in diary form to let the parties know we are serious about getting the U.S. government to honor the $4.5 trillion agreement.

“We know where the money has been held and we know that the U.S. officials in the administration have been making about $4.5 trillion illegally every two weeks by holding back the funds and essentially using the money to make money for themselves.

“Leo has not been talking to anyone because he is under a gag order according to the agreement.”

According to Cottrell’s diary reports which were reprinted at World Reports, the main points about the Paulson detainment are as follows:

“Records exist confirming that International Court of Justice subpoenas were issued against Henry M. Paulson, the U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, and Vice President Richard Cheney, citing inter alia money-laundering, misappropriation or diversion of colossal amounts of money, and non-performance on the Wanta Plan Settlement funds of $4.5 trillion, subject of www.worldreports.org postings since June 2006. This is an inevitable consequence of the corruption exposed on this website over the Wanta Settlement, for the past six months and more.

“A senior official within the US Treasury was placed under a gag order and was subpoenaed to travel to Germany to testify against Henry M. Paulson. The official has been in Germany for the past two weeks, testifying before US Consulate and Tribunal officials, and Germany's Attorney General. The subject of his testimony has been the struggle that Ambassador Leo Wanta and his corporate Treasurer, Michael C. Cottrell, M.S., have been having to endure, in order to procure payment of the $4.5 trillion Wanta Plan Settlement signed in May 2006 by the President of the United States, US Supreme Court Judges, and other prominent US parties, and warmly welcomed by the Group of Eight (G-8) countries in July 2006.”

Wanta surfaced publicly in May, telling Americans about massive corruption by the last three presidential administrations. He said the corrupt former Presidents and officials pilfered hundreds of trillions of dollars, using the off-shore money for covert purposes instead of using it to protect and defend the U.S. as intended by former President Reagan when he passed financial legislation at the end of the Cold War concerning off shore transactions and methods of massive money making, according to Wanta.

Wanta went public, saying he was the architect of the financial plan to destroy the Russian Ruble at the end of the Cold War while amassing a fortune in American dollars intended to be returned to benefit the American economy.

However, instead, Wanta was jailed for the better part of a decade after not "playing ball" with the likes of Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton, both who Wanta claims used the money for their own evil purposes and covert operations.

After years of silence and while the trillions grew to a massive illegal war chest that some financial experts claim to be more than 300 trillion, Wanta went public with documentation that he and his financial group, Ameri-trust Inc., entered into a $4.5 trillion settlement ($1.5 trillion to immediately being placed in the Treasury for back taxes) with George W. Bush and Treasury Secretary, Henry M. Paulson.

He further stated the money was going to be used to jump start an American economy in the midst of being decimated by the global elite, the Vatican-led Illuminati and the enemies working within our government intent upon the destruction of a free America.

However, six months have passed without one red cent being returned as Wanta and his financial treasurer, Michael C. Cottrell, have continuously cried foul, saying Bush and his cronies have been holding up payment while reinvesting and essentially stealing the money right before the eyes of the American people.

For the last several months Wanta has remained out of the public eye as he works behind the scenes trying to gain release of the money.

"He'd like to talk but he just can't at this time," said Cottrell who also promised to keep the American people abreast of the status and whereabouts of the $4.5 trillion."

For the last six months, the Wanta story has generated tremendous interest around the world in terms of human interest and, more importantly, creating shockwaves in international financial circles as the U.S. has been accused of not being able to honor its commitments.

And for those who back Wanta, they call him the "ultimate patriot" trying to "buck the system" while stopping the global elite and Vatican-led Illuminati, trying to destroy America on all fronts.

But for those more skeptical readers, they claim Wanta is not telling the whole story, adding the powers that be never will release such a large sum of money or do anything to benefit the economy. They further claim Wanta could be used as a smokescreen to cover the real thievery of trillions going on behind the scenes, including involvement by high level Vatican officials and their minions working in the U.S. government.

As previously stated and for necessary background for those unfamiliar with the story, Wanta in May entered into an agreement with New World Order minions to get back only a portion ($4.5 trillion) of the estimated $27.5 trillion under his financial control according to the Reagan protocols.

However, the Bush administration under recently appointed U.S. Treasury Secretary, Henry M. Paulson, have stolen the Wanta money that Cottrell traced to being illegally transferred for New World profits in several large U.S. and German banks.

Once the money is released, if ever, approximately $1.5 trillion is earmarked for the U.S. Treasury for taxes and the remainder to be reinvested to jump start the American economy. But as the months pass Wanta and Cottrell have been unable to penetrate a media and Congressional black out on the massive theft by three presidential administrations, indicating both entities remain firmly in the pocket of the Vatican-led New World Order.

"Paulson and Bush have proved to be nothing more than thieves guilty of treason for purposely bringing down the American economy," said Cottrell in an extended conversation recently from his East Coast home. "The dollar is tanking and it is directly related to the thievery of trillions of this off shore money.

"The country is about to experience the worst financial nightmare since the 1920s. The economy is tanking because of the idiocy of Bush and Paulson. By Jan. 1 2007, you will see heavy mortgage defaults as prices skyrocket since the dollar has no value.

"These criminals in power are stealing the cash and without the war in Iraq they have no way to mask their thievery. All I can say is we are doing everything in our power to secure the $4.5 trillion for the betterment of the American people before it's too late. These traitorous acts by Bush, Paulson and others deserve strong and decisive action and this is exactly what we are trying to do."

Asked what was the real importance of the Wanta story, he said it clearly showed how the Bush administration has violated the rule of law by not honoring its financial commitments, demonstrating the administration was more concerned with lining the pockets of global banksters and "privateers" with trillions of dollars instead of doing the right thing by enforcing offshore tax payments and stabilizing the American economy.

Cottrell added that since President Reagan passed Executive Order 12333, the last three presidential administrations have illegally used offshore money for their own nefarious purposes without paying U.S. taxes to the tune of more than $100 trillion dollars.

As further background, Wanta has been at odds with the powers that be ever since he was declared legal trustor of more than $27.5 trillion accumulated as a result of his financial efforts on behalf of President Ronald Reagan to destabilize the Russian currency at the end of the Cold War.

Furthermore, Wanta was jailed for the better part of a decade for trying to return trillions to the American people, as Reagan had dictated, but later was backstabbed by the following three presidential administrations who instead wanted to illegally pocket the money for their own personal use, according to Wanta.

Previously, Wanta came forward with these allegations, presenting documentation of more $745 billion in misdirected and stolen money, attributing the thievery to those occupying the White House after Reagan left office.

For more informative articles, go to www.arcticbeacon.com

Greg Szymanski
[link to www.arcticbeacon.citymaker.com]
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