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Subject VK Durham take on Wanta; "Sedition and Treason"
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Original Message THE FOLLOWING IS AN OPEN LETTER TO KARL W.B. SCHWARZ, in response TO "HEADS UP" and to Henri the Celt, asking "who is Leo Wanta? meet Leo Wanta!!

Written by V.K. Durham

For more information search our archives here at Gas_oven or visit the site for The Durham Trust:

[link to www.theantechamber.net]

Dear Karl -- You ask: Who is LEO WANTA?

He is part of the old BUSH-CLINTON-CONTRA "DRUG AND MONEY LAUNDERING GROUP," that found it necessary TO SHOW SOURCE OF COLLATERAL/FUNDS under the new International Banking Regulations ... and did a lot FORGERY, FALSE NOTARY and BACK DATING on the "BONUS 3392-181" COLLATERAL "DEBT" Instruments owned by the DURHAM HOLDING TRUST ( Tias 12087 ) trying to 'get legitimate' and make organized crime or R.I.C.O. "Murder Inc. & Murder For Profit," legal!

You know -- I was hoping that this individual was really our Frank Ingram of the days of our old Working Group. That was a good man. The Grapevine and other scuttlebutt says our Frank Ingram is dead.

Taking into consideration that sometimes Grapevines fail and that Scuttlebutt can be relayed 'in error' ... I stayed neutral ... actively giving the benefit of the doubt to Mr. Leo E. Wanta.

However ....

After being called a "Useful Idiot" by the Hollywood hype artist, or PUBLICIST of the LEO WANTA saga, i.e., Mr. Christopher Story, FRSA, I have come to the conclusion that MR.
AMBASSADOR WANTA is yet another part of the old "DRUG & MONEY LAUNDERING GROUP" involved with BCCI, LaSalle, Riggs, the Riady group, the old Nugan-Hand group, and working with GEORGE SOROS, E.J. and Doris J. Ekker and William J. Clinton. Furthermore, these characters tie in the financial giant, GOLDMAN, SACHS, the bond traders and underwriters CANTOR FITZGERALD, and MORGAN STANLEY, and dear old SIR ALAN GREENSPAN, with former Treasury Chief NICHOLAS BRADY, and the others such as George H.W. Bush ( who had his own 'desk' at the BCCI Bank when he called me back in 1988 for the underwriting of Saddam Hussein's agricultural program ).

These individuals still, to this day operate their MONEY LAUNDERING OPERATIONS under the rules and structure of Tias 12087. They are still using some of the old Contra accounts from the days of "Iran-Contra," now more than twenty years distant !! By the way, regarding the Tias, just don't let anyone tell you it does not exist, because it does.

[ Here is more about it --

[link to www.theantechamber.net] ].

Karl, MR. LEO WANTA is an old pro' in intelligence and in the 'Psy-Ops Games'. OK ? Let's face it!? He's been around a lot since 1963, but it just so happened that he managed to get his teet in the wringer, and cannot now show investigators in
all these many banking investigations, here in the U.S. and over in Europe, his SOURCE OF FUNDS/COLLATERAL.

Being an old pro ... he, like so many of the others, i.e., COLBY, CASEY, BORDA, LeMAY, and my RUSSELL HERMANN, and even the Engineer from Mexico ... all trusted the wrong individuals in the White House and at GOLDMAN SACHS, in its role as an agent for the operations of THE FEDERAL RESERVE.

BILL CLINTON and his buddy, Robert "Short Term Notes" Rubin as Secretary of the Treasury ( yet another cabinet member formerly employed by GOLDMAN SACHS ), allowed the U.S. Federal Corporations of Tias 12087 to be incorporated by the Al Qaeda
Underwriters ... and those are the very same individuals involved with the White HOuse as mentioned in Tom Flocco's recent article.

[ Read the Tom Flocco Article at --

[link to www.tomflocco.com] ]

This Al Qaeda Underwriting group came into being under Bush & Clinton and with the connivance of the Council On Foreign Relations, which can be verified in their own PUBLIC NOTICE:

[ See the following at --

[link to www.theantechamber.net] ]

THEN, there is the BCCI BANKING GROUP'S FINANCIAL ATTACK BY FIRE, as directed at the Equity and Infrastructure of our country, and of We the People. After the raid on the Atlanta Branch of the Banco Nazionale Lavoro, in 1989, the interlocks between BCCI and other banks came under scrutiny. The banking panic of August, 1989, moved well over two hundred billion dollars out of Spain and into the U.S. or Panama. But then ...

It all became a financial nightmare for THE WHITE HOUSE of Number 41, PRESIDENT GEORGE H.W. BUSH. It was his order which supposedly 'privatized' or SOLD OFF property in this country, property for which he had no Constitutional authority to sell !!

Things and agencies which appear to be "public" are not really, public, any more, and you can read about it all at --

[ [link to www.theantechamber.net] ]

Additionally, you can read about who owns "our" SOCIAL SECURITY at --

[ [link to www.theantechamber.net] ]

These three presidents have created Sedition, and if you actually believe that our country is at war -- then that Sedition comes dangerously close to being Treason, the aiding and abetting of Al Qaeda -- and that, Karl, is the long, the short and the simple of it all!

Concerning "Secretary" Henry M Paulson ... if the Scuttlebutt going around and around is true ... he has his own problems which could and should bring in Robert Rubin, Lawrence Summers, Sir Alan Greenspan, Nicholas Brady, River Oaks & Trust homeboy, James Baker III, several more of the Bush clan, one or both Clinton(s), GEORGE SOROS and even LEO WANTA, because the man's hands are JUST NOT clean, in my opinion.

You can more read about Henry Paulson's Treasury at --

[ [link to www.thenation.com] ]

In all fairness, Karl, I am not favorably impressed with any prominent individuals who delight in tearing the lawful GOVERNMENT of We The People to shreds, through their manipulations and Financial Terrorism, by money-laundering, and other activities of THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS, private groups like GOLDMAN SACHS, or the friends of HENRY PAULSON, SIR ALAN GREENSPAN, Ben Bernanke and so on. Not impressed at all!!

Furthermore, I think and I believe that this never-ending LEO WANTA SAGA is a nothing more than DIVERSIONARY TACTIC to
keep the People's minds and attention off of the INVASIONS, AND THE BORDER INCURSIONS, such as are happening in Arizona and California. And isn't an invasion just another name for war ?

Indeed, Karl, you know as well as I that this country is being attacked from WITHIN and from WITHOUT. Attacked by enemies both Foreign and Domestic !! Our People's assets and their very sustenance has been targeted and is being 'eaten' by those who are intent on causing us grevious harm, and we are looking at the possible loss of The Sovereign Individual REPUBLICS, or States. The Federal government is mandated to protect the States against invasion ... isn't it ??

Karl, you know me, and you know very well that I am an AMERICAN FIRST, LAST and ALWAYS -- there are no in-between positions, with me!! I am telling you, AMBASSADOR LEO WANTA'S story does not have credibility, not in my book, and is highly suspect.

In my humble opinion, Mr. Wanta, and those with whom he is associated now and in the recent past are involved in a CRIMINAL ACTIVITY called, simply, international MONEY LAUNDERING. They are being crowded by the new banking transfer rules, and they therefore cannot show a clean SOURCE OF COLLATERAL for the so called WANTA FUNDS. As to why they are attacking, in print, the Federal Reserve and its operational gangsters at Goldman, Sachs, when they say that they intend to remit a portion of the Wanta Funds to the IRS, which will then park the money at the New York Federal Reserve Bank, and not in any U.S. Treasury accounts ( if there are any left ! ), is something that I cannot fathom !!

You don't defeat your sworn enemy by giving that enemy a major windfall from a Trust that is your responsibility !

Karl, you surely understand that as the Duly Constituted, Outstanding, Primary Creditor of the United States of America and ALL Debtor Nations, I do not appreciate one little bit, being called one of the "USEFUL IDIOTS" by Mr. Christopher Story, FRSA. The various individuals who are engaging in Sedition against my country are not idiots, and not useful, and I'm not one of them. Who could even think of that ?

My beloved husband, Russell Herrman ( ONI, OSS and CIA ) was murdered by these individuals, or by people acting on their orders, making it one and the same crime via conspiracy.

So Karl, if anyone thinks I am a happy camper or a useful idiot, well, they had better ... THINK AGAIN!


V.K. Durham, CEO and Signatory
The Durham Holding Trust, Tias 12087
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