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Subject I have a healthy, creative, analytical, and inquiring mind. I hit a brick wall right around 2006-07. Now Trump is tearing down the wall..
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Original Message I have a healthy, creative, analytical, and inquiring mind. I spent a bit of time, trying to figure out how to make America great again, in my own small way, by reading as much as I could and talking to people. I hit a brick wall right around 2006-07.

Trump is tearing down that wall.

I spent so much time trying to figure out things we could do, or policy decisions I could support to make this country and world better every year. But the more I read, understood, and analyzed, the more I was flummoxed. There seemed to be no solutions.

Washington D.C. and New York elites seemed to have all exits from mediocrity for the average Amercican simply CUT OFF. And getting worse. They had ALL their bases covered for maximum profit and riches for them, but none for you and I. Completely rigged system.

Yes…I hit a BIG brick wall.

I guess it was right around 2007 that I started to not care that much anymore and stopped voting in every race. What was the point?

And I just thought that we should wait it out until it collapses of its own weight and start fresh, or something.

Never in a million years, did I see a Donald Trump coming.

I've never seen anything like this successful Trump movement in my short lifetime, nor did I ever expect to.


TRUMP 2016


(I know you paid $hillary Warrior$ will love to comment. Save your breath. You are like 2 awkward people in the room that nobody wants to hear from or talk to.)
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