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Subject A leftard from Slate goes into full meltdown mode. Brexit and Nice and Trump! Oh, My!!!
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Original Message Time to close up shop, guys and gals. According to a writer at Slate, democracy died a few weeks ago... but guess we all missed the obituary.

The butthurt the writer feels is only overshadowed by the way he's shitting himself. He is sincerely trying to call his comrades fellow progressives to arms and to get past the increasing division within the ranks.

Sadly, with the recent disclosures of malfeasance, treason and collusion by their side of the aisle, that 'division' might be far worse than this writer makes it out to be. The elites are in a full on panic mode over populist actions around the globe as they see all their work over the past century about to go down in flames... and personally, I love it!

Of interest is a new 'buzzword' from the progressive camp. It's 'an illiberal democracy'. (!?!?!) Gotta love the way some on the left will couch their discussions with crazy buzzwords in a vain attempt to "go over the heads" of those they feel they are better than. So "illiberal" means one who is NOT liberal, right? Got it! But watch for other Orwellian phrases (I'm thinking this guy was grooming for a position in the Ministry of Propaganda - I threw up a little in my mouth a few times while reading this - you've been warned).

[link to www.slate.com]

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