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Subject Jesus said He would return when there were diverse earthquakes, rumors of war, nation of Israel had been reborn...the terminal generation...hmmm
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Original Message The fig tree is used as symbol for Israel throughout the Bible. When Jesus was asked about the timing of His return, He said that when you see the fig tree bloom, and all these things taking place, speaking of wars and rumors of war between the nations, earthquakes in DIVERSE places, the sea roaring in perplexity and when Israel was back in the land, look up, for His redemption is near.

So we see a massive increase in earthquakes over the last few decades, far more than has ever been seen.

There have been constant wars and rumors of wars as well....yes we have always had those to some degree, but WWI, WWII and the other wars of the last hundred years have been unprecedented in their ability to cause fear and more rumors of IMPENDING wars, which is what is being said. We are constantly in a state of fear about the next large war, and war never ceases around the globe.

Israel was brought back into the land in 1948. Whether you believe this contrived or not by TPTB, the truth is, no other nation or people has come back from centuries of persecution and been brought back. We don't have a Hittite nation. The Jews are literal proof of the Bible's authenticity.

And the sea....massive sea life die offs, the oceans are warming, and it is definitely perplexing to scientists.

So we have all these signs, which Jesus knew about and said would happen. Buddha didn't give any prophecy. Neither did Mohammed. Nor any other historical figure.

So we can trust that what Jesus said would true. The Bible also tells us that man's heart is wicked and that we are born into sin, and that we must be born again through Jesus Christ to be saved.

It also says that God uses the foolish thing to confound the wise. Meaning that all man thinks that he knows, and with all that pride, God will use the simple gospel to enrage those who feel that they are their own Gods.

Today is the day of your repentance. Admit you are a sinner and ccept Jesus Christ, He loves you!
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