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Subject Smoking Gun: Cheney wrote the Libby statement that went to Time’s Matt Cooper
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Original Message Smoking Gun: Cheney wrote the Libby statement that went to Time’s Matt Cooper

by David Frenkel
Sun Jan 28, 2007 at 09:29:45 AM PST

"Ultimately, Cheney crafted an on-the-record statement to be attributed to Libby by name. Libby called Matt Cooper of Time, who had emailed questions to Martin earlier" (Cathie Martin, former top press assistant to Dick Cheney). This was the last paragraph of a page A12 story in the Boston Globe today (January 28).

Here at last is a smoking gun that shows Vice President Cheney together with some able helpers was the author, architect and instrument of the smear campaign designed to obscure the truth regarding the alleged imminent WMD threat. We all "knew it" but until now we just could not prove it. I would bet not too many Boston Globe readers still know it.

David Frenkel's diary :: ::
No wonder we have had serial failures of the media to get the story right and known. Here is a story that eventually circles back to nailing Cheney for his secretive backroom media manipulation designed to cover up the fact that he did not have the evidence he claimed about WMD. His former press aid, Cathie Martin has revealed what kind of techniques are being used to destroy clarity, to twist the facts and to smear anyone that might shed some kind of light on the facts.

This is not a page A12 story. A12 is a left hand page to make it worse buried by advertisements. The right hand page is a full page ad. This quarter page story, it could be argued, had the worst position in the double page spread. Why?

Is it just negligence? Is it a failure of editorial leadership? Some of the front page stories today were justified but were watered down. "Thousands rally on National Mall" seems to be less than the truth when it was clearly Tens of Thousands but under a Hundred Thousand. Does a "Winter warm-up costing N.E. region" really trump the Cheney is outed by his own staff for outing Valerie Plame to cover his trumped up imminent WMD threat story? Is this Cheney/Libby trial evidence story not the seeds of an eventual ouster of the VP?

The other above the fold story "Governor weighing deal in pay hikes" is an important piece of political gossip but it is part of a much larger bargaining process. Surely this does not trump the Cheney smoking gun story either.

My complaint is that even a newspaper as reputed to be left of center as the Boston Globe seems to have trouble identifying seminal events and effectively bringing them to people’s attention. Without any editorializing, the facts being read into the record at this Libby trial should have Americans enraged at the perversion of the news and facts that have been driven by Vice President Dick Cheney. The fact is that most people still do not know the facts and the media need to do a far better job of ensuring that the public knows how this Iraq debacle came to pass.

[link to www.boston.com]

This is the link to the AP story carried in the Boston Globe today,

[link to www.dailykos.com]
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