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Subject POOL PARTY! --Presented by The Esoteric Fr13nds for Gaia (EFG). + 1 Beast for ambience
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Original Message Hi :) This is a thread for my friends and new friends where we normalize having gifts spiritual, mental and physical and hang out with people who know our bodies and souls are more than just flesh and bone and that we have a connection to the all.

Here we celebrate this as normal and use our gifts to help each other with readings and advice and healing and tarot readings and any and all gifts the readers possess to help each other and have a place to brainstorm and have fun in an atmosphere that accepts the esoteric as real and useful in our lives. We share knowledge and discuss current events and how the unseen world influences those events.

Trolling will not be tolerated and fair warning--Making claims of abilities you can not show or use to help others in the thread will become old very quickly. These things are real, so if you are real you will be able to show your ability if not your knowledge.

You do not need to be anything to be in this thread and participate. You can ask questions of the people in this thread or simply add your opinion. You can post funny memes and content any way you like as long as it is interesting and on topic. Funny/interesting memes,videos and music welcome. We only ask that you are respectful and do not troll or attempt to ruin the thread.

I will ban posters and delete posts that take away from these goals.

We have a beastie. He can be protective and intimidating but is actually very sweet and knowledgeable. Please do not poke beastie. He is not on any kind of leash or in a cage or controlled by any of us. You mess with the stag you may get the horns. He is our friend and we trust his judgment on people. We can not be turned against beastie. Do not try. asyouarekiss

All beliefs welcome. Debates and arguing are ok too. We are all adults here. This is not a safe place for PC culture. We deal with reality in here.

Shenanigans will happen. Please bring your big boy and girl underware and do not be easily offended when things occasionally get a little wild or loose.


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