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Subject Douste-Blazy, pizzagate and last anonScan vault7 video
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Original Message Disclaimer : I'm a bit reluctant adding my bit to pizzagate as I'm still far to be wholly convinced by (at least some developpments) of this theory, I rate as full of potential partisan fantasies like "my political opponents are eating babies" and weak evidence.
Anyway, not being a shill I'm all for (ideally official) investigations and sanctions if any part of it is true, and so I finally decided to post this little bit of information/speculation that may interest pizzagate researchers.

As it's about a french friend of the Clintons, sorry in advance for the french of most of my links, I'll try to resume the stories, use a translation program if you want more info.

a) Who's Philippe Douste-Blazy ?

Former french health and foreign affairs minister, Philippe Douste-Blazy became a good personnal friend of Bill Clinton and was soon involved in Clinton Foundation funding (established a french tax on plane travel reversed to NGOs, Clinton Foundation being the main beneficiary).
He was supported by Clinton to become the director of Unitaid, a medicine central buying service working with Clinton foundation.
And would Hillary had won the presidency he was seen as the favorite candidate the Clintons would have supported to become the head of World Health Organization (and is still candidate).

(sources :
french magazine "L'Obs" about french funding to Clinton foundation
[link to tempsreel.nouvelobs.com]
Paris-Match about Douste and Bill friendship
[link to www.parismatch.com]
unitaid official site :
[link to www.unitaid.org]
WHO candidacy :
[link to www.who.int]
Search him on wikipedia for more info about his bio.

b) Rumors about him that may interest pizzagaters...

In popular French tv program "Le Grand Journal" in 2011, another ex-Chirac minister, Luc Ferry, accused "one of his colleagues" of having been involved in pedophile orgias during a trip to Marrakesh. After a first rumor said it was former Mitterand minister Jack Lang, Luc Ferry said it was not him but refused to tell more.
Douste-Blazy, known for spending his holydays in Mamounia palace hostel in Marrakesh, a location known to be a haven for french and international elites (president Sarkozy and... Hillary Clinton also spent holydays there) and rumored to be one for rich pedo-tourists, was then suspected.
Especially as investigation newspaper Le Canard Enchainé had reported strange things happened in his hostel suit in New Year Eve 2005 (the room was vandalized, and he had to pay (or Moroccan king paid for him according to some sources) a 300000 dhirams bill for damages after a supposed "fight with his wife").

(sources :
transcript of Le Grand Journal + first rumor
[link to guybirenbaum.com]
it's not jack lang
[link to archive.francesoir.fr]
Mamounia 2005
[link to www.yabiladi.com (secure)]
Hillary Clinton also spent holydays in Mamounia palace
[link to www.lefigaro.fr]
Pedophile tourism scandal in Marrakesh
[link to fr.sott.net (secure)]

As a side note, the name of Douste-Blazy was also linked to another (more obscure and more likely to be just a rumor as police investigated the case and found nothing) pedophile orgias affair, the Baudis/Allegre scandal which erupted in 2002, when convinced killer Patrice Allegre and some prostitutes accused southern France politicians of his party to organize orgias with minor prostitutes and to have ordered the murders of witnesses. Main politician said to be involved (and later cleared after police investigation) was then Toulouse mayor Dominique Baudis, who was a close political ally of Douste-Blazy who was then the mayor of close town of Lourdes*.
During the scandal the two publicly clashed, Baudis accusing Douste-Blazy of not supporting him enough, but later they came along, and Baudis accepted Douste as his successor for becoming Toulouse mayor.

(sources :
[link to www.ladepeche.fr]
[link to www.humanite.fr]

(* Lourdes is the most important catholic pilgrimage town in France - probably linked to some older pagan superstitions, as a sainted virgin curing illnesses is celebrated in a natural cave -, may be interesting to note for people interested in the occult aspects of pgate)

c) what's the possible link with vault7 ?

I invite people not knowing about the mysterious "vault7" wikileaks is teasing about to first read one of the numerous threads on the topic.
Anyway one of the main sources of clues about vault7 is the twitter account @AnonScan who recently released this video :

[link to twitter.com (secure)]

Like people noted the video is from "The Man Who Knew Too Much" Hitchcock movie. Which soon made people search famous quotes from said movie.

Here are some from imbd :

You have muddled everything from the start, taking that child with you from Marrakesh. Don't you realize that Americans dislike having their children stolen?

You know what is paying for these three days in Marrakech?

And you know the purse I bought in Paris? Philip's tarsal.

If you ever get hungry, our garden back home is full of snails. We tried everything to get rid of them. We never thought of a Frenchman!

(source :
[link to www.imdb.com] )

May it mean an important revelation in vault7 is about Philippe Douste-Blazy adventures in Marrakesh and/or role in Clinton Foundation funding ?

As Douste-Blazy was the Clintons candidate to become the head of world health organization, and is a personnal friend of Bill, he was probably an important member of their network, likely an "in the known" if they were involved in anything.
It's possible it's through investigating that frenchman that wikileaks has found interesting infos that may allow truthers to "get rid of the snails".

(a search for Douste-Blazy at wikileaks doesn't show any occurence in Podesta emails, but there are lots in other older files if someone has the patience to read them :
[link to search.wikileaks.org (secure)] )

(ps : one more time it's just speculation from french rumors and vault7 cryptic clues that may interest investigators, I'm not affirmative about PDB or anyone being actually involved in anything, which would qualify as libel without proofs - and actually I'd like pizzagaters to always have the same caution naming names considering the extreme gravity of related accusations)
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