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Subject The 1967 Shag Harbour UFO Case - AMAZING
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Original Message I think this is one of the most amazing cases of all time. I think it surpasses Roswell.

In 1967 several witnesses saw a UFO crash into Shag Harbour Nova Scotia. The Canadian government sent search and rescue there which turned up nothing. However the UFO was found about 35 miles away in another harbour. What seems to have happened is the UFO crashed in the water and traveled 35 miles away, probably to avoid detection. The canadian government new this but continued to put on a charade of the search and rescue in order to distract from the real search mission 35 miles away. Divers went down at the second location and found the craft. But there were not one but two craft. They described creatures from the one craft assisting and performing repairs on the second. Next the US navy sent a bunch of ships who remained on the surfaced FOR A WHOLE WEEK while the UFOs and occupants continued repairs.

Supposedly a Russia sub came to the area and supposedly the US Navy got distracted from the objects tracking down the Russian sub. This is when, after being stationary on the bottom of the harbor for a week, the two craft moved away and then shot out of the water and into space which was also witnessed by several people.

Also someone found what seems to be a piece of one of the craft on the beach. A piece of tube like machinery. But the man who found it reported it to authorities. The US Navy came to retrieve the object.

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